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TweakerLinks blog is a Tech Blog of Jharkhand where topics like Tech News, Blogging tips, SEO tips and tricks, Social-media News, tips and tricks, Android, Offers & Deals and How to Make Money online are talked about.
– This blog was started in April 2018 by TauQuir Shayaan.

The main purpose of starting this site is to teach people about the secrets of Blogging, Offers & Deals, Social media and Android technology. because Blogging is all about Sharing the Useful Knowledge to the rest of the World 🙂

TauQuir Shayaan [ Mechanical Engineer ]

Hi, I am TauQuir Shayaan, from Jharkhand (Founder of TWEAKERLINKS.COM). I’m a student and also a Blogger and SEO Specialist. I love to learn New TECHNOLOGIES. From this site, every Humen being will get effortlessly different sorts of things about blogger which they want. So, I positively require your blessing and thankfulness. I trust companions you like my Effort. It might be ideal if you reaction me along with your precious thoughts.

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For any type of doubts and queries related to this blog, please contact us at shayaan499@gmail.com