Google’s Android 9 is officially called Android Pie – is it smarter than Oreo?

Google has finally announced the name of the latest Android P and this name is ‘Android Pie‘. This new Android operating system is with Google’s AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning skills, which means that it will prove to be more smartphones and better in use than earlier Android systems. Google’s new Android OS will come with many features in addition to Adaptive batteries, Adaptive brightness, App actions, and Slices.

Firstly Android Pie was announced by the company during its Google I / O 2018 conference held earlier this May. Let’s know what are the features of this new Android pie operating system.

Adaptive battery

With this new Adaptive Battery feature, the smartphone’s battery will give priority to those apps or services you use. Because of this, your smartphone will be used the maximum battery for work and will increase battery capacity.

Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Brightness uses the machine learning technology to control the brightness. that the smartphone can understand what kind of brightness you like in different settings or in the environment.

App actions

There is an App Actions feature in Android P, which predicts in a way that what you need to do next so that you can be much faster and creative. For example, when you connect a headphone, it will suggest you play your favorite song.


Slices give you more information about the app that uses the most. As you search the taxi service provider ‘Left’ in Google search, you will get information about price and ride time etc. in slices so that you will be able to book the ride as soon as possible.

New navigation system

Navigation control in Android P has been better than ever. This latest Android version will enable you to activate Navigation from the Home screen. The company says that due to the large display in the device nowadays, users have difficulty navigating with one hand. Now with the new design swipe-up will come in a new layout and after that, the users will be able to see the recently used apps. This will allow users to switch from one to the other app easily or they will be able to use. Android P also offers quick settings with new designs, through which users will be able to take and edit screenshots, make volume control easily, and manage notifications more easily.

Smart Well Being FeaturesAndoid p

Google has given some wellbeing features in Android P, mainly including dashboards, app timers, wind downs. On the dashboard, users will be able to see how much time spent on smartphone usage. On the dashboard, you will know how long the app was used, how many times the device was unlocked, and how many notifications you received.

With the help of the app timer feature, you can set the time limit on an app. Which means if you do not want to use an app for a while, you can put a timer on it. Along with this, ‘Do Not Disturb’ will now silent the phone calls and notifications as well as the pop up on the screen like Visual. Finally, talk about the wind-down feature, it turns the ‘night light’ on in the dark and turns the gold time screen into a little dark ‘Do Not Disturb’ on so that you can know how to sleep The time has come.

These are the latest Android smartphones with Android Pie

This new update of Android P i.e. Pie Operating System has been received by Google pixel users today. Which includes Google pixels, pixels XL, pixels 2 and pixels 2xL. The company has released the Android Pie update for the Ascend Smartphone itself. At the same time, some devices of Shaomi, Sony, OnePlus, etc., which were with the Android pie beta update, will get its stable shortly in some time. You can see the full list of these smartphones here below.

Company Device
Google pixel, Google pixel XL, Google pixel 2, Google pixel 2 XL
Essential Essential PH-1
Oneplus Oneplus 6
HMD Globle Nokia 7 Plus
Vivo X21 UD, Vivo X21
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s
Oppo R15 Pro
Sony Xperia XZ2


Finally, tell you that this is only the beginning, soon all the companies will release this Android Pie system for updates to the rest of the other smartphones soon. For all the information about which you can join us.

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