iPhone is used by many people in India. People like this phone quite a lot, the phone starts booking before it launches. The iPhone is considered to be the best smartphone in all the features, but the biggest problem with the phone is to have one SIM. One SIM can be used with this phone, due to which people have to use another phone for their second SIM. It is being reported that Apple is about to launch its new model in September. The special thing about this phone is that this phone will support Dual Sim in some of its variants.

Apple’s special event on September 12

Let me tell you that the latest news that is coming out in this case, the Apple company has started sending media invites. The Apple company has started sending invites to the media for events organized in Apple Park, present in the US capital, Cupertino. Let us tell you that Apple’s special event will be implemented on September 12, 2018.

Apple can launch 3 iPhone modelsiphone 2018 model

Although no information has yet been said on behalf of the company, it is expected that the Apple company can present its new iPhone model at the event. For the past few months, it is being said that Apple this year could present its three iPhone models. Which can include a 6.1-inch LCD as well as 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch OLED models. It is being reported that in these new models of Apple phones, two sim cards can be used in any one model. It is being told that the 6.1-inch iPhone can come with Dual SIM feature which can be a budget iPhone.


Model with the biggest display

Apple’s upcoming three models about being said that the three models will be like the Notch and Edge-to-edge display just like the iPhone X. Let’s tell you that Apple’s new phone will be the variant of the company’s largest 6.5-inch display so far. Many new changes and upgrades can be found in the camera and processors of these new iPhone models. Now the iPhone users are just waiting for the September 12. Although usually when the company ever sends the media invoices, some of the new launches of the new phones image are also seen, but this time nothing has happened.

No information found by Media Invite

In the media invoices sent by Apple this time, only a gold ring is visible at the Black Background. No information about the upcoming model is being detected. Although this variant will be similar to the iPhone X and it is expected to present it in many color variants too. This smartphone is about to come with the LCD screen. The feature that is waiting for the most in the iPhone model of this time, is the Dual SIM feature. Experts believe that this time, at least one of the three models in the company can offer dual SIM connectivity.

It will not launch in India

Indians have been waiting for the dual-SIM of the Apple phone for a long time but it can be a bad news for Indians. According to a report in the media, Apple will launch its first dual SIM smartphone in China only. Earlier it was news that Apple is making its first Dual SIM iPhone market keeping Asia’s market in mind. According to a report printed in Taiwan’s United Daily News, Apple’s dual-SIM smartphone will be the cheapest smartphone launch. Also, Dual sim iPhone will be launched only in China. That is, according to this report, it may take more time to come to India right now. Let you tell that, this is only the media report. There is no official statement from Apple on this issue right now.

New Apple Phone Price

It is being told that Apple will be launching three new iPhones in 2018, which will be of a low price. The 6.1-inch LCD display will cost between $ 600 to $ 700 i.e. approximately 41,145 to 48,002. It is expected that Apple will launch the new iPhone by October 2018. Earlier Bloomberg’s report was claimed that a variant of the iPhone X Plus would launch with an LCD display, which would be priced lower than the other version. The iPhone with LCD display will get a 6.1-inch display which will support the dual sim. However, variants with dual sim support will be sold in a few countries. This is the first time that the iPhone will launch its dual SIM phone. Apple’s demand for dual SIM was being done for a long time.

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