17 Best Cloning Apps To Create Multiple Accounts On [Android]

If you are an android user you might found some time that you need multiple copies of your favorite app and accounts to use on the same a device unfortunately android system won’t allow us to do.

So here are the best cloning apps which give you a special feature where you can make copies of your favorite app.

In fact, I used these apps to make several copies of my favorites apps and social media accounts on a single phone.

But How?

I’ll show you…

Let’s dive right in…

These are the best cloning apps that I have used…

1.Dual Space – Multiple Accounts & App Cloner

dual space clone apps

Dual Space is the best cloning apps for social media accounts like whats app, Facebook, Telegram, etc.

In Dual space, you can easily use a single phone to creates multiple accounts at the same time without making any accounts offline.

And you don’t need to worry about the storage and message reception because it works independently with any interface to each other.


  • Keep multiple social accounts logged in simultaneously.
  • Privacy zone & apps-clone function
  • Fast switch different accounts with just one key
  • Highlights
  • Simple interface operation.
  • low CPU Consume,
  • low power consumption.
  • Quick cloning
  • All applications can be double-opened.

2. Parallel Space – Multiple Accounts & Two-Face


Parallel Space is one of the most downloaded and top-rated app cloners in the play store.

However Parallel Space comes with amazing themes where you can style your space as per your requirement.

Parallel Space has an active user of 90 million who logs on to there multiple accounts at the same time on one device and styled their spaces with there unique themes.

Parallel Space has a special feature that makes the app hidden with incognito installing.


  • Supports more than 24 languages
  • Supports almost all apps in the store
  • Multiple accounts login including social media and games.
  • Protect user privacy, make apps invisible on device through Incognito Installation
  • Create a customized space by applying themes
  • Switch fast between accounts with just one-tap
  • Powerful, stable & easy-to-use.
  • Unique: Parallel Space is based on multidroid, the first application virtualization engine on Android.

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3. Multi parallel- Multiple Accounts & App Clone

best cloning apps

Multi Parallel is different from other cloning apps it comes with custom icon features.

In this android app cloner, you can clone original apps and  you can create unlimited multiple accounts of WhatsApp Facebook, line, telegram, TikTok, etc

This cloning app has a private locker that means no tension with privacy.

It supports 64bit apps.


  • Multiple messaging, social, and gaming apps
  • Customizable accounts with different icons and labels
  • Privacy Locker for clone apps
  • Infinite multiple apps in just single click
  • low ram usages lightweight app
  • easy and smooth
  • lite mode for low power consumption.

4. Multiple Accounts: Parallel App

best clone apps

Well, if you are searching for a simple and clean app cloner?

Multi-Accounts comes straight in my mind because it supports most of the apps in the google play store.

They also claim that their app supports all the latest 64-bit clone versions like WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram, etc with multi-account, you can create unlimited social and game accounts in one device.

And guess what it only takes 8 MB of storage in your device cool isn’t?


  • Clean and simple UI
  • Tiny and low Ram Consumption
  • Easy Multi-account creation in one click
  • 2 games account in the same device

Matey is a fast and top quality app cloner that gives you a special right where you can clone your apps and create and run multiple accounts in his parallel space in just a single click.

Matey claims that we provide the best user experience and user-friendly cloning system where you can create multiple games and social app accounts with ads-free experience.


  • Ads-free
  • Single-click cloning
  • Hot apps Suggestions
  • Supports more than 25 languages
  • Supports 99% of Google play store Apps.
  • Customizable Parallel space
  • Dark Mode

6. 2Accounts – Dual Space

Best Cloning Apps

2Accounts the app says for what it is made for…

2accounts is one of the best cloning apps in the store which gives you 2x fun while cloning your apps and creating multiple accounts on virtual space.

Do you love to play games but needed more than one account so this app suits you best because in this app you can create multiple games account like PUBG, FreeFire, Clash Of Clan, ClashRoyals, etc.


  • Easy to mange between real and parallel space
  • 2 google plays account can use simultaneously in the same phone
  • VIP features for Paid subscriber
  • Game friendly

7. Dr.Clone

Best cloning App

Dr.clone is one of the famous and friendly apps cloners which I have used in fact from other cloning apps I like this most because of user-friendly UI and one-click cloning.

Dr.Clone clone almost every type of app whether it is 32 bit or 64 bit it does the work very well.

Guess what it comes with 100% ads-free it means no interruption between cloning the app so enjoy the ad-free experience in dr clone.


  • Supports most of the social apps platforms
  • Supports all types of games account cloning
  • dual games account
  • One-click virtual space creation
  • Privacy protection

8. Do multiple Accounts

Best Cloning Apps

Do Multiple is an app cloning app for android users which allows you to clone apps to use multiple accounts on a single device.

In Do Multiple, you can easily use different accounts of Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other social networks. social networks, it also allows you to use multiple accounts of games and other apps from your smartphone.

Do Multiple supported by most of the android application in order that you’ll easily clone any apps. So, DO Multiple Space is another best clone app that you simply can use to clone apps to run multiple accounts. That’s why it’s the simplest list of.


  • Multiple login Support for Social and games app
  • Fast switching in multiple apps
  • Lite mode
  • Privacy guard
  • Clone app notficati0n setting.

9. Clone App – App Cloner & Dual App

Best Cloning Apps

Clone App – App Cloner & Dual App is the official Clone App which helps you run Multiple Accounts, Clone WhatsApp and support WhatsApp Colorful Skins at the same time.

Guess? what it is an ad-free clone version.

Clone app even comes with inbuilt premium VPN which you can use to unblock block websites in your country.


  • Inbuilt VPN
  • Colorful WhatsApp skins
  • Floating Stickers
  • MultiwhatsApp support
  • Magic Stickers
  • Privacy icon
  • 64&32 bit Supports.

10. Clone app – run multiple accounts

Best cloning App

Clone App is similar to other cloning apps that allow users to create multiple social and games accounts.

This app claims you can create unlimited clones of any app if you have big storage this app can clone more than your thoughts.

well, I found this app very handy because it only takes 3 MB of phone storage.

Amazing isn’t?


  • Supports all major and top-rated apps like WeChat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, Line, Hay Day, Clash of Clans, almost all applications.
  • You can clone an unlimited app.
  • One-click clone installation.
  • Storage friendly takes only 3 MB

11. Clone App Pro

Best cloning Apps

Do you want to update it from one-of-a-type WhatsApp or any social accounts to your phone?

Do you want to stay associated with all spaces?

This easy “Clone App Pro” lets in you to clone area of your Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger apps


  •  Sign in the second account of one app on a single device
  •  Easily transfer accounts through the app
  • Independent app-installation system
  •  Install apps inside our app and preserve them regularly.

12. Clone Cloud

Best cloning Apps

Well, We are talking about the best cloning apps, right?

So as per my experience, I don’t want to skip this app.

Clone cloud Beautiful name with beautiful UI and features…

Clone cloud Claims it can run 2 accounts for fast message applications, get hold of messages and chat with buddies on one device! Play video games with multiple bills, and keep them online simultaneously to get dual features and experiences!

Enjoy multiple amusing! Easy to manage multiple social network account, separate work, and private life. By the usage of Clone Cloud, you could clone your current apps.

When you’ve got numerous bills in one app like what is app or Facebook, you may use our product to create numerous same apps in ONE android device.


  • You can create multiple accounts on this
  • faster cloning
  • Can clone sports app
  • Supports almost all games without doing impact on your device.

13. Multiple Accounts

Best cloning Apps

Multiple Accounts is another top-rated clone app for android developed by means of excellence time in history which allows you to extremely easily use 2 accounts on one device.

If you are searching for a simple to use Android app to create a duplicate-related version of installed appsthen Multi Apps is probably excellent for your solution.

It is much less in sizeeasy to apply android app which supports no more than the instant messaging app.

With Multi Appsyou could copy/duplicate and run more than one social and sports accounts of the same app (at the same time)It has the fastest rate of switching one app to another app.

It has a fantastic fast switching option with privateness and safety optionsMulti Apps is another great app supported/recommended by using the person which you may use to your Android smartphoneThat‘s why it‘s far the pleasant list of apps.


  • Supports most popular social accounts
  • Supports game account cloning
  • Privacy and security.

14. Parallel Accounts 

Best Clone Apps

Parallel Accounts is a Well-liked cloning app for android customers which lets you create a couple of clones of the app from the cloning tool.

Parallel Accounts is also the first-rate and best Android app cloner app on the list that can create multiple instances of famous apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder Etc. It helps you to get multi-login for the identical android app on the same tool for free.

The interface of Parallel Accounts is likewise quite amazing, and it doesn’t affect the performance of your device. One of the first-rate capabilities of this app is to allows you to apply specific themes in your cloned apps.

You can effortlessly clone social games, networking, and plenty of other apps to apply it a couple of times to your smartphone. That’s why it is a great list of apps.


  • Simple and clean UI, simple operation.
  • Different Accounts, Same Features, Separate Space, No Conflict!
  • Small and Low CPU Consume.

15. Dual App 

Best Cloning App

Dual App is another well-liked clone app for humanoid users that permits you to simply clone app on your smartphone and use multiple accounts, parallel accounts app offered on the Google Play Store. 

Rather like all different app cloners, It helps you to simply use the unlimited account of one app on a single smartphone at an equivalent fundamental quantity.

Dual App conjointly permits users to sign up 2 accounts of the one app. Guess what? twin App will produce a cloned version of virtually all common apps and games.

It comes with the newest technology so anyone will simply use this app and clone an app for complimentary and run your smartphone swimmingly because it was antecedently. That’s why it’s the most effective list of apps.


  • Social account support
  • Can run two accounts at the same time
  • Fast and Easy
  • Privacy locker

16. Multi-multiple accounts app

Best cloning apps

Multi is additionally a multi-account app for automaton users that application permits you to use 2 or multiple accounts on one smartphone.

This app features a terribly easy interface and straightforward to use. you’ll be able to simply use multiple accounts by this application.

The distinctive feature of this application is that you simply will customize the icons and additionally labels for your clone app That’s why it’s the simplest list of apps and best cloning apps.


  • multiple account cloning
  • App cloning
  • smooth and fast
  • privacy protection

17. Super clone

best clone apps

Super clone in our list the is best cloning app without any dought after using this app I will suggest you for it because this app is compatible with android 10 as like all cloning app it allows us to create multiple app clones.

Super clone is developed by Polestar App Cloner Dev. The developer claims that this app is the smoothest app for cloning Facebook, twitter, line telegram, etc in their virtual space.

You can customize your clone app icons in the virtual space of the app.


  • Superfast cloning system
  • Multiple social accounts support Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Line telegram, etc
  • multiple games account clone like PUBG, FreeFire, Clash of Clan, Clash royals, etc
  • Customizable icons
  • Privacy protection
  • One tap account switch

It was very difficult to find out the best cloning from the store

So These were the list of best cloning app.

So let me know which one do you like the most in the comment section below…



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