10 Hottest Best Email App Ios Trends for [2022]

Emails whether you like it or dislike it, but email is an essential part of our everyday lives. We have it for business, keeping in touch with long-distance friends and family, get your daily deals update, or simply go informed.

But it becomes intense sometimes. For some, apple’s app doesn’t have lots of features.

Luckily, some good e-mail apps make email a little more enjoyable. Here are some of these greatest apps for e-mail on the iPhone or iPad.

Here the list of 10 best email app ios you should never delete.

1. Spark

Best Email app ios
Spark email app

Spark is one of my favorite email ios apps, and it’s the only app I use to stay on top of my email and not drown in it.

One of the best features of Spark which I like the ability to sort and group incoming emails by type, so I don’t have to type them all.

There is support for multiple email accounts, and you can receive automated emails to keep you up to date with high priority messages. You can merge newsletters, making it easy for you to delete them while keeping your other emails separate and grouping them.

If you want one of the best ways to maintain your inbox, I recommend Spark, but you don’t have to go through an app like Slack. Spark supports multiple email accounts as well as a Slack channel, so you and your team can work together without having to discuss email.


  • It sort Group Incoming Emails
  • Multiple Email account Support
  • Automated Email updates
  • Supports Newsletter Merging
  • Easy Emails deleting Facility

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2. Newton

Newton Mail is interesting if you’re looking for something special in your email app in your ios device and don’t mind paying a subscription for some great extras.

With Newton Mail, you can add multiple accounts and view all your messages in a single inbox.

You can also unsubscribe from all your e-mails with one click, and there are several other features available, such as the ability to sign up for e-mail subscriptions.

Another outstanding feature of Newton Mail is that you can read receipts in the inbox so that I can see when a message is read when it needs my attention, or when I send a written email later and undo what I sent.

There are many great options for a free subscription to the app, but we had the opportunity to test some of these features for free for 14 days.

If it’s a service you wouldn’t mind paying for, subscription costs slightly more than a free subscription, but not as much as Newton Mail.


  • Multiple account Creation
  • Smart Notification
  • You can create an IMAP account
  • You can view all messages in a single inbox

3. Outlook

Microsoft Outlook, despite its name, is a powerful and functional email app that works just as well as any other email client on the market today.

It works similarly to other popular email clients such as Gmail and Outlook.

You can create calendars and events directly from your emails, which is a handy feature, and there is full integration with cloud storage services to access your files.

The outlook is fantastic when you need to have a schedule for all your email contacts. If you are looking for a professional email solution for your iPhone or iPad, Outlook can be a great option.


  • You can create Calendar and events
  • Full integration with Cloud Storage
  • iPad and iPhone Support

4. Edison Mail

Best Email app for ios

Edison mail is one of the genius and best email app ios which is available on the app stores across the ios and iPad platforms.

This email app is specially designed for those who have a passive overflow of email in there inbox and want to do something about it.

In Edison, you can have lots of multiple email a single device. Edison supports all email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Exchange, AOL, IMAP, etc.

Edison gives you the smartest and the coolest features like unsubscribing from spammy newsletters. In a single tap.
If you are travel geek so Edison provides you a travel notification in one screen.

This makes very easy for you to see all the travel information in front of you and you don’t need to search for it.


  • Smart notifications
  • Quick reply
  • bulk delete
  • Smart inbox
  • Thread views
  • snooze emails

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5. Yahoo Mail

Best Email app ios

If you use Yahoo Mail, Well it really good app and it works perfectly with non-Yahoo accounts.

The Yahoo Mail app looks elegant with a brand new and clean UI that is very easy to use and navigate.

You can customize colors and themes, reply to single messages with automatic swipe gestures, send gifs directly from your messages, and much more.

With these standout features in the Contract View, It notifies you when a deals going to expire in your email, and the Travel View, shows date changes, delays, and even cancellations.

Yahoo Mail also offers its users up to 1000 GB of storage in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about storage.

There are a number of other features like email notifications, And one of the most interesting features was for me the integration with Google Drive, Yahoo’s cloud storage service.

Even with the name of “Yahoo Mail,” the app works with any email account and is generally a great email app.

When e-mails arrive from people, you are notified so that you are not bothered by newsletters and other unimportant messages.


  • Supports Non – Yahoo accounts
  • Clean UI
  • Automatic swipe gesture
  • Deals Notification

6. Gmail

Best Email app ios

For Gmail users, you should use the official Gmail app.

The Gmail app supports a universal search that works across all accounts, and the ability to search by email, email address, phone number, or even email addresses.

You can also quickly clean your inbox with intuitive swipe gestures, organize messages with your Gmail label, and even reply directly to a Google Calendar invitation.


  • Universal Search
  • Supports all Account
  • Search Flexibility
  • Swipe Gesture Email Clean

7. Airmail

Best Email aap ios

Airmail is one of the best macOS email clients due to its powerful customization features — and the iOS app brings the same great experience to your iPhone and iPad.
While it works well as a standalone iOS app, it’s actually at its best when you’re using the Mac app because you’re syncing all of your preferences between both Mac and iOS clients Can.
The customization options offered by Airmail are the best editing option and you can have total control over your notifications.
You can set notifications so that you can only get notification of important contacts in case of an email, or you can set them to inform you about all-important contacts.
 You can customize the swipe gestures in the Settings menu to archive emails, delete them, move them to a dedicated list, add a reminder, snooze them, and more.
Airmail also integrates with many popular iOS productivity apps such as Dropbox, Omnifocus, Beer Notes, and dozens more so you can quickly push emails and attachments to apps that you use to get stuff done.
We do. For example, you can set a swipe gesture to send an email to your OmniFocus inbox if you prefer to use it as your system.
Other perks: Airmail lets you create templates for standard replies, add read notifications to any email you send so you know if the recipient opens it, or schedule the email to be sent at a certain time is.
You can also create your own custom actions, which can do a lot in your email.
For example, you can set an action to reply with a set response, send the email to your app, add the sender to your VIP list, and store their email, all With one tap or swipe.


  • Its Provide Mac Sync
  • Notification control
  • Important email notification
  • Productivity Apps integration
  • VIP list

8. Canary

Best Email app IOS

If encrypted emails are your jam, the Canary is for you. This is the best email app ios which automatically encrypts your email in friction.

In fact, the canary is the single best email app ios, which uses your existing email service. before asking for a new one.

Of course, whatever email you are doing, they will need an email service or a client who can decrypt PGP or you have to send a decrypted email if you need them to read

Canary is a secure email service which works on all of your email accounts

You can start using encrypted email without having a new email address: it works with all major email platforms and protocols except POP.

Encryption is the main feature of Canary, and it is still an excellent email client to deal with regular email. canary has a smart power AI system that uses his algorithm to show those emails only which I like to read.


  • Editable swipes
  • Dropbox integration
  • Snooze
  • Template
  • Auto read notification
  • Easy Unsubscribe

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9. Unibox

10 Hottest Best Email App Ios Trends for [2022] 1

UniBox excludes standard email inbox conferences. When you open the app, you will see all emails automatically grouped by the sender, and then organized by date.

As soon as you tap on a name, you will see the most recent message and all your previous conversations with that person.

You can also see all the files and photos they have sent to you by tapping on the paperclip in the bottom right corner.

If you think about email with whom you are communicating, this is correct.

In addition to this novel on email sorting, Unibox is relatively feature-light. You can customize the swipe gestures in the settings menu, but no snoozing, scheduling email, or any features in advanced email apps are common.

You also can use multiple accounts or custom signatures without paying for UniBox Pro ($ 4.99), and it does not support POP accounts.


  • Email organizer
  • Easy files and photos access
  • Customizable swipe gesture
  • Free plans provide multiple accounts.

10. Mail time email messenger

Best Email App IOS

If you hate your stock email app and fed up with there UI, So try this MailTime Email Messenger.

It turns your email threads into conversations that act like viewing and iMessages – under colors: your sender/recipient’s messages appear as gray bubbles and your blue bubbles.

This group also works with email. One quirk: If emails last too long, you have to tap View Full Message to see the full text.

It is worth the extra tap to scan the chat. MailTime does not try to force all emails to fit its blue-and-gray-bubbles chat look.

Emails that are not from real people, such as newspapers and online shopping receipts, are kept in a separate inbox and displayed as usual.

It is only your email conversations that look like chat.

The free Membership comes with only two different email account support, But for unlimited email account use, you need to switch on paid plans.


  • Easy email conversation
  • Color configuration
  • Supports Gmail also
  • It can scan your chat
  • Email separation for better use

So these were the 10 best email app ios which you should never delete.

I hope you like the post let me know which one you like most in the comment section below

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