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Best Ethical Hacking Tools to enjoy Hacking in Android – 2022

Best Ethical Hacking Tools – Today the word hacking is used quite a lot. Hacking is used for both good and bad works. As we all know, hacking and pan testing was possible only on computers, but now the world is changing very much. Today your smartphone can also become your hacking toolkit, but with this, fear is also increasing. Recently you have noticed that lots of cyber hackers are targeting Android smartphone users. Here we will discuss some Best Ethical Hacking tools apps that are for security examiner, ethical hacker and those who really want to know about the technological world. You can download the application below.


Best Ethical Hacking Tools in 2022

1. Android Network Hacking Toolkit

At the Last Defcon Conference, a new device has been released by a security device called “Android Network Toolkit”. This tool can be used in any network and vulnerabilities using your mobile phone. let me tell you, this tool is used for ethical hackers. There are different applications in this toolkit, which will help any hacker find weaknesses and get them exposed. Zimperium is owned by the Israeli security firm’s company behind the app.

2. Nmap for Android

Nmap is considered one of the best Ethical hacking tools between different network scanner tools. Nmap was initially made for Unix OS but now it can also be used in Windows and Android. Nmap app can be used in Android phones. Once your scan is over, you can e-mail the result. Well, the app is not an official app but it works well.

3. SSHDroid – Android Secure Shell

Secure Shell or SSH is the best protocol tool that gives security when connecting to your remote machine. SSHDroid is considered the best Ethical tools for Android. This app also gives you permission to connect a PC to your device and to give commands.

4. Hack Code

This is an application for the best hacker toolbox penetration tester, ethical hackers, IT administrators and cybersecurity professionals, which is good enough for tasks like reconnaissance and scan. This app includes different tools like Google Hacking, Google Doreks, Voice, Scanning.

5. Spoof Apps

In this app, users can make spoof calls with any caller ID number. This app is used for fun. It also includes many other features like voice changer and call recorder.

6. Whatsapp Sniffer

Whatsapp Sniffer Android app allows users to receive a text message from the WhatsApp application that uses the same WiFi with you. Let tell you Whatsapp app be totally different from WhatsApp sniffer.

7. APK Inspector

This is a good GUI tool for analyzing Android applications. You can use this app to get the source code of any Android app. Also, you can edit the license and delete the credit. If you need to learn and understand coding, then the app will help you a lot.

So friends, That was the seven best Ethical Hacking tools, which can be used in an Android smartphone. I hope you liked this articles and also the Ethical Hacking tools. If you have any query related to this then leave a comment in the comment box.

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