Best Vysor alternative to control Android device on PC – 2020

Hey Tweakers, Nowadays we have been addicted to digital screens and continuously switch from smartphones to Desktop or laptop every minute. So today we are going to discuss a bunch of apps that allow you to control your android smartphones on the desktop in realtime. This will save you lots of time and effort and also you can play the game and access any social media account on the Desktop.

Most of the people use Vysor to control Android devices on the desktop with the help of the Vysor extension. But Here I listed Top 10 Vysor alternative apps for control android devices on the laptop that you can also use. People also search better than Vysor alternatives for iPhone so we have also written an article on it.

I am also going to walk through how to use those apps to access mobile phone screens on the desktop.

Best Vysor alternative to control android on PC

These apps are just like Vysor and some are better than Vysor in realtime. So let’s check the pros and cons of these apps and after that, you will know which is better for you.


Scrcpy is just like Vysor that allows you to control your android smartphone on PC. This was launch in November 2019 and freely available to use on Github. this app is far better than Vysore in realtime response so that we have listed it on the 1st position in Vysor alternative list.



  • This app is light and very fast responsive (native, displays only the device screen)
  • This can go with 30 FPS to 60 FPS
  • Quality (1920 x 1080 and above)
  • Low ping rate (70ms to 100 ms)
  • It takes only 1-2 second to display the first image
  • Non-intrusiveness (nothing is left installed on the device)

How to Use SCRCPY on Windows?

  • Before running SCRCPY on windows, you have to install ADB Installer on your PC
  • Then download the latest version of Scrcpy package and install on your PC
  • After that enable USB Debugging from developer mode in your android device.
  • Now connect your device to the PC via USB cable
  • Finally, run SPRCPY app

2. TeamViewer

Teamviewer is one of the best apps that allow us to control anybody’s both Pc and Android smartphones. Most of the company use this app to solve customer’s technical problems through screen control. This app can be used via the Internet and via USB cable to connect any systems like android, windows, and iOS.



  • First of all, you can chat with other end users
  • fast and convenient
  • Easily remote control
  • It also gives file transfer features
  • Push and pull Wi-Fi settings
  • View system diagnostic information
  • Real-time screenshot of the device
  • Store confidential information into the device clipboard
  • Secured connection with 256 Bit AES Session Encoding

How to use Teamviewer to control Android smartphone on PC?

  • First of all download TeamViewer on your Android smartphone and PC too.
  • After download and install, Open Team Viewer on your smartphone.
  • On the screen, you will get your ID.
  • Now open Teamviewer on PC and here you will also get 2 options, First is your Id and second fill ID section.
  • So You have to fill your smartphone Id to see your mobile screen on Pc
  • after filling, hit on connect an =d then allow from your smartphone to access your screen.
  • Bingo

3. Mobizen

Mobizen is another popular app in the list of screen recording and Vysor alternative app list. Gamers love to use Mobizen because of online streaming. You can play games on Android smartphones and display that game on the Pc. You can also control your smartphone on Pc via USB cable and with wireless methods.



  • It can easily connect to your android and pc remotely without root
  • Screen mirror will high Quality
  • You can also screen record and capture images
  • Automatic detect portrait and landscape mode
  • Control Android device remotely (touches and keyboard)
  • Fullscreen mode

How to use Mobizen?

  • To use Mobizen, You have to download Mobizen latest version on your smartphone and also on your Pc.
  • After that make an account on Mobizen by using Gmail or Google.
  • After that log in your account on your Pc Mobizen and also on smartphone
  • Now enable USB debugging from the developer mode.
  • and Boom, Now you are connected to your Pc.
  • You can also take screenshot and record video of your smartphone activity on your pc

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4. AirDroid

AirDroid is a free app that allows you to manage your smartphone from the windows, Mac, and the web wirelessly.

You can access your social media, write text messages, and also create any file or folder from the desktop. It will synchronize remotely in realtime, which is too convenient for managing smartphones from the windows.



  • Easy to use
  • Wireless transfer of data
  • Compatible with several different devices and OS
  • You can turn your phone camera into a spy camera

How to use Airdroid?

  • To use Airdroid you have to download and install on both Pc and Smartphone.
  • After that make an account or login via Google
  • after that login with the same Id on smartphone and also Pc.
  • after that your device will sync with that account and can access your text, calls, and Note.
  • If you want to access your screen then you have to enable USB debugging from developer mode on your smartphone.
  • boom. Now you are connected to your smartphone.

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5. MyPhoneExplorer

MyPhoneexplorer is the most powerful tool among all Vysor alternative apps. It also offers to control your smartphone from the PC. It is very fast in establishing connections between Device to PC with help of USB cable, Wifi and Bluetooth too. The interface is quite neat and clean so that you can navigate everything smoothly. You can also manage your alarm, Notes, view setting, etc.



  • Quick file transfer
  • Displays phone data very clearly
  • Supports a range of email clients
  • Access everything from your phone

How to use MyPhoneExplorer via USB?

  • Connecting from phone to pc, the whole process is the same as upper given instructions

Connect via Wi-Fi.

  • This method doesn’t too hard to connect the smartphone to pc.
  • First, enable the Wi-Fi of the phone and computer or router.
  • Then run MyPhoneExplorer on the computer as well as the phone.
  • Ensure that connected to the same Wi-Fi network and your firewall not block this client.
  • Go to PC client’s “Files> Connection”, now under the “Phone type” select “Phone with Google Android-OS”.
  • Under the “Connection via” select “WiFi” or “Auto detect”.
  • Click to apply changes “OK”.
  • Go to “Files>Connect”.

Connect via Bluetooth.

  • Enable Bluetooth both devices and make them discoverable. Now paired the phone with the PC.
  • Run MyPhoneExplorer on the phone and computer.
  • Go to PC client’s “Files>Connection” and go to “Phone type”.
  • Select “Phone with Google Android-OS”.
  • Under the “connection via.” select “Bluetooth” or “auto-detect”.
  • If you select Bluetooth select the correct communication port.
  • Click “OK” to apply changes.
  • To establish connection navigate to PC client’s “File>connect”.

Final Words:

So guys these are the best Vysor alternative applications that will allow you to manage your smartphone while you are working on your system. Some have few limitations too, but these are more reliable too. I hope you liked this article and will try all these software to mirror your device on a laptop.

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