The Black Friday Sale 2018 has started in India, Know How To Shop

The time for Black Friday Sale has come. Today Black Friday sale has started. Let you tell that, Black Friday sale is a new concept for Indian users. Black Friday is celebrated on the day of Thanksgiving Day in the US. At the same time, the sale is also being organized in India. The most important thing about this sale is that you can take advantage of some of the finest deals from America’s largest retail event of the year sitting in India.

The major retailers have already started offering some of their deals before Black Friday. While others are busy promoting their upcoming deals and offers. If talking about old trends, thousands of deals and offers are made available in Black Friday 2018 than last year. The biggest thing in this sale launched yesterday, Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro is being sold for the first time with a discount.

Black Friday Sale

However, some deals in these sales will not be worth your time and money, but if you are very cautious and keep an eye on deals, then you can score some interesting deals during this year’s Black Friday Sale. Let you tell that, Google has also announced its Black Friday sale. Which is being run from November 16 to November 26. During this sale, customers can get bumper discounts on many products like smartphones, laptops, tablets and smart home appliances.

What is special in India’s Black Friday sale

Better deals can be found in many gadgets during the Black Friday Sale. The general rule of sales is that you are one of the earliest to be caught Deals because shipping charge can ruin your budget. You can find great deals on memory cards, wireless routers, computer equipment, portable speaker, and smart household appliances during sales.

The digital subscription is another important thing that should be included in your list during the sale. You can get better deals on those gadgets during this sale, which is presently available in India or not available in India.

Which things to ignore

During the Black Friday Sale, ignore things that come with a heavy shipping on anything when sent from the US. You should avoid shopping at any random online store. Who sell their products with the help of big names. Customers will also have to avoid deals that are very good to listen to because these deals can take the form of scams. Avoid buying a cheap item without considering shipping and import duty. If you are buying from Amazon, you will have to pay import duty along with shipping.

How To Prepare For Black Friday sale 2018 From India

First of all, it is important to take care of what you have to buy in this sale. It will be necessary to prepare a list for this already. This kind of sale can distract you. So you buy more things and go out of your budget. If you are going to shop on websites that do not ship directly to India, then you first sign up for a third-party shipping service.

Before buying, compare the prices of all major online retailers. Google will tell you where you can buy it at the best price by putting the device name on Google. Keep your currency calculator easy. For currency conversion, you can use the app in Google, smartphone or computer. So you will easily find the prices.

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