9 Best Blue Light Filter (Blue Light Blocker) Apps for Android in 2020

Have you ever wondered what makes viewing pictures and videos on a smartphone pleasant? Well, the trick is all done by that short wavelength, high energy artificial blue light emitted from your gadget screen.

While it helps make the pictures and videos on your digital screen sharp and crisp, it also comes with a few disadvantages which are concerning, especially for the eyes. That’s why we recommend blue light filter for android device. Just read along.

Studies have found that prolonged exposure to blue light can cause eyestrain, headaches, fatigue and sleeplessness.

What are blue light and its health benefits?

Blue light is a short wavelength, high energy part of the visible light spectrum which vibrates within 380 – 500 nano-meter range.

The blue light also contributes to almost one-third of all visible light.

Disadvantages of blue light:

  • Too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina
  • Too much usage of the smartphone can give a headache due to blue light
  • Bluelight can damage your face skin


Why do we need a blue light blocker app?

A blue light filter apps for Android or screen dimmer apps reduce its emission which suppresses the production of melatonin (sleep-inducing hormone) and help you fall asleep and sleep longer and better.

It will also prevent the eyes from getting strained at the end of the day.

9 best blue light filter for Android phones in 2020

Though nowadays there are several smartphone companies which offer basic blue light filter or night mode settings in their phones, however, there’s a huge number of mobile phones available in the market which do require a third party blue light filter app for android to reduce the bad effects of blue light on eyes.


So, here’s the list of top 9 blue light filtering Apps for Android phone:


1. Blue Light Filter – Night Mode, Night Shift

This blue light filter for Android is developed by Leap Fitness Group and it on top of our chart because of its 4.7-star rating.

This app has also been the editor’s choice app on Google Play Store as it boasts a lot of user-friendly features and easy navigation. It helps you protect your eyes from blue light with its night mode feature.

Once you turn on the blue light filter, it helps you set the screen to natural colour like candlelight, Dawn, sunlight etc. The app also shows the colour temperature and the intensity feature enables you to set it accordingly to the soothing effect you prefer.

The blue light filter also helps you save battery power for longer usage.

9 Best Blue Light Filter (Blue Light Blocker) Apps for Android in 2020 1

4.7 *
# of Downloads10,000,000+
Size6.7 MB
In-App PurchasesYes
AuthorLeap Fitness Group
Last UpdatedJanuary 10, 2020

Download Here

2. Blue Light Filter & Night Mode – Night Shift

The second blue light filtering app for android in the chart (having the same name as the first one) is gaining popularity among the night owls (readers).

Some of the cool features of Blue Light Filter & Night Mode – Night Shift app by Ascendik are as follows:

Premade blue light filters – Activate night mode warm light using one of the 5 premade Bluelight flux filters which helps in eye care.

These premade filters help relieve eye strain, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataract during sleepless night reading.

Saving and editing night mode filters – One of the most loved features of creating or editing night mode filter to help your fatigued eye from your digital screen’s harmful blue light.

It helps fix circadian rhythm, insomnia and lack of melatonin after twilight.

Dimming below system minimum – This feature is again a boon for your strained eyes as it’s best for good eye health and chronic headache like a migraine.

This feature gives you a night shade warm light rather than just night light.

Temperature customization – Use “Temperature” palette to set the blue light filter or screen light according to your eyes acceptance.

Colour customization – Adjust the colour tint, intensity and dim for your night screen using the “Color” palette. The blue light or night mode filter provides eye care and relief from migraine.

RGB customization – Use “RGB” to fine-tune your natural light night reading filter. “R” – red light, “G” – green, “B” – light blue. Night light rests tired eyes with nightshade and increase melatonin and prevent glaucoma.

⏰ Automatic filter schedule – You can schedule the filter to turn on and off automatically as per your usage habits or after twilight to make sure you never forget to enable it while using your android device for longer period of time.

Reduce power usage – Since the blue light filter reduces the short wavelength, high energy blue light, this helps you save battery power for a longer time hence improving batter and phone life.


4.7 *
# of Downloads1,000,000+
Size4.2 MB
In-App PurchasesYes
Last UpdatedMarch 5, 2020

Download Here

3. Bluelight Filter

A very simple app with high features makes it to the third of our list.

Here are a few options you get with this app:

  • Increase or decrease the filter power by changing the opacity of the filter colour.
  • Choose from 5 cool colours
  • Adjust screen brightness as required
  • Get notified every time to turn the filter on and off easily.

Last but not least, the best feature of all is – Blue light Filter for Android is absolutely free!

4.6 *
# of Downloads100,000+
Size5.7 MB
In-App PurchasesNo
Last UpdatedMarch 11, 2020

Download Here

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4. Bluelight Filter – Eye Care

Number four on our list if Bluelight Filter – Eye Care developed by MeiHillMan with a 4.6 rating. This app is free and the features of this app are similar to app number three on our list.

Its has tremendous features like colour adjusting with auto mode. in this blue filter blocker app, you can choose your screen colour according to your environment and it can adjust their colours as per need. It has also a scheduled mode option from where you can set your time for automatic on and off-screen filtering. If you want to use this app then make sure your smartphone does not have any other screen dimmer app or blue light blocker apps.

Just remember, you need Android version 5.1.1 and above (including Android M) to use this app.

4.6 *
# of Downloads500,000+
Size2.1 MB
In-App PurchasesNo
Last UpdatedMarch 12, 2020

Download Here

5. Bluelight Filter – Night Mode

One can’t go wrong with an app having over a million downloads and 4.6-star reviews on Google Play Store.

This is another free app making its way to our list, which helps relieve eye fatigue and help sleep better.

Regular use of this app helps you sleep better and helps improve chronic headaches like a migraine. A must use the app for all night owls out there.

4.6 *
# of Downloads1,000,000+
Size2.7 MB
In-App PurchasesNo
Last UpdatedJanuary 20, 2020

Download Here

6. Screen Dimmer (dims notifications too)

With Dimly, you get the following features:

  1. Display back-light dimming
  2. Blue light filtering
  3. Customizable minimum and maximum brightness levels
  4. Shake to restore brightness
  5. Auto-stop timer
  6. Simple user interface designed for ease of use
  7. Lightweight & small memory footprint

However, it’s shake feature is what make this app more unique and lovable. You can just toggle the power button and shake to adjust/ restore the brightness if the surrounding is too bright or the screen brightness is set to too low.

4.5 *
# of Downloads1,000,000+
Size7.6 MB
In-App PurchasesYes
Last UpdatedDecember 4, 2019

Download Here

7. Twilight ? Blue light filter for better sleep

This blue light filter for android has been the most downloaded app with over 10 million downloads and counting. This blue light filter for the android app comes with a load of options and is really easy to use.

This app helps relieve eye strain and increase the production of melatonin for better sleep.

It greatly reduces the blue light emitting from the screen to soothe your eyes.

One especially loves this app because of its effect on eyes during bedtime reading as it lowers the screen backlight far below the device standard.

This app has been rigorously tested on AMOLED screens for 5 years without any sign of depletion or over-burning. If properly configured, Twilight causes less light emission (by enabling dimming) with equal light distribution.

This increases the AMOLED screen life time.


4.5 *
# of Downloads10,000,000+
SizeVaries with Device
In-App PurchasesNo
AuthorUrbandroid (Petr Nálevka)
Last UpdatedMarch 16, 2020

Download Here

8. Bluelight blocking – protect eyes

All digital screens like smartphones, watch, Led emit a blue light, which is harm full for your naked eyes. and it can damage your vision, especially at night.  So it is our 8th app which can block blue filter lights. So according to your reading ability, you can adjust the transparency. the higher the filter level more opaque and the less filter level more readable screen without drying or watering your eyes. So here are the few features of Bluelight blocker apps which is listed below.

When trying to download other apps you need from other than Google Play Store, sometimes they are not installed properly with the blue light filter is activated. In such case, please turn off the blue light filter for a moment and install other applications.

Battery consumption is low when the filter is applied, due to low total CPU usage except for low CPU usage.

Download here

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9. Night Owl – Screen Dimmer & Night Mode

Night owl is one of the popular screen dimmers apps on play store. But we have listed it 9th position because of that it is not getting continue update. It has more than 15 thousand people reviews and 1 million+ download on Google play store.

Night owl has some specific feature which others app could not provide, like Ads free and sun timer features.


4.4 *
# of Downloads1,000,000+
Size3.4 MB
In-App PurchasesYes
Last UpdatedNovember 16, 2018

Download Here

We hope you now have an idea about all of the top blue light filters for android apps available in play store.

We just wanted to make sure that you make a well-informed decision and protect your eyes and sleep from those bad blue lights.

Do let us know your thoughts and suggestion about blue light filter apps for Android. and let us know which one is your favourite.

FAQ related to Blue Light Filter Apps

Do Blue light filter apps really work?

Yes! it can help you to protect your eye up to a limit. You have to take care of your self and limit screen time when you are not working.

How I can reverse Blue light damage?

You should have to use Bluelight blocker glass while using a smartphone, computer or any other digital screen. If you are using Digital screen at night then you can use Bluelight filter apps or Screen dimmer from own device to reduce emitting level.

Can blue light cause blindness?

Of course, the study found that too much exposure to blue light can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina.


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