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Does refreshing (refresh button) your computer really speeds it up?

Does refreshing (refresh button) your Computer really speeds it up? : Hi Friends, If you use a Computer or Laptop, then one thing you notice every computer user does refresh the computer’s desktop again and again. For this, either he Right-click on the computer’s desktop or uses the Shortcut Key “F5“. And their motive behind doing this is to increase the speed of their computers ? But this thing is absolutely wrong.

and if we see someone else do this, then we also start doing it.

Refreshing on the computer’s desktop does not increase the speed of your computer. It is just another illusion that we do in accordance with our daily routine.

Why We Refresh The Desktop of Computer?

By refreshing on the computer’s desktop, if you also think that your computer’s speed increases, then you waste your time just by doing so.

In fact, the computer’s desktop itself refreshes after a time period or after a change in your computer. The purpose of which is to show the changes in your computer screen.

As if we create a folder on the computer’s desktop or delete it, it immediately refreshes us and shows that change.

Likewise, if we install any software on our computer then its shortcut becomes on the desktop of your computer and the computer immediately refreshes itself to show this change.

If for some reason our computer is unable to refresh, then we are given the option that comes from Refresh which comes from Right Click on the desktop or we also use the Shortcut Key “F5” for this.Does refreshing (refresh button) your computer really speeds it up? 2

now that you have a better understanding of why do you refresh on the computer’s desktop? This is not to increase the speed of the computer, to show the change in the computer.

If you also use it to increase the speed of your computer, then soon change your habit because it does not help.
This does not mean that by doing this, that could harm your computer or there is a harmful effect on it. But yes, you waste your time by doing this.

So, friends, this is today’s small posts in which we told that why any computer user refresh on your computer’s desktop?
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