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6 Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases on Android

Hey fellas, do you know how many android smartphone companies in the world? I think most of you don’t know… I am also.. LMAO

So a wide range of the android smartphone company is available in the market who launch a new smartphone every after a month like a vegetable. According to Financesonline report, there are more than 3.6 billion Smartphone users in the world who carry a costly smartphone. The main reason behind the highest number of a user is that Android has more customizations and gives lots of opportunities to come with extreme quality of OS. Android is an open-source mobile operating system software that is based on Linux coding and that the reason it can open the endless number of the opportunity for customizations.

Most of the people prefer android for the huge number of applications available which can solve every human pain points. just take a look at your Google Play store where you will find a variety of apps and games.

As you know Google play store is the App store of an Android device that provides different similar apps and games free of cost which makes it more reliable. I think most of you know Google Play store has two sections, first is “Free” and second is “Paid

Usually, people use the Free version of apps and games like the To-do list, Pdf editor, Candy crush and so on which contains Advertisements and has lots of limitations. On the other hand, some people use premium apps that can afford their cost. In fact, most of the application has a premium version on the play store and some of giving premium extension in the form of In-App Purchase for android.

Let’s admit that we have stopped using lots of app due to some premium features which required In-app purchase, we stopped playing some games which required in-app purchase to open next level and so on. People always search on Google “How to get free In-app Purchase for android“, “How to download paid apps in free?“, “How to get Premium apps in free?“. So today we came with the solution to deal with these types of problems by which you can get Free in-app purchases for your android.

Guys stick with us, we have written about the best apps to get free in-app purchases for your android without paying a penny. 🙂

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Best Apps To Get Free In-App Purchases on Android

Let me tell you that these applications are not available on Google play store because of its extreme features.

The main reason behind that they can make any premium app free and also they can hack in-app purchases in Android device with the help of Root or without root, which violate googles policy. So that google Store kicked out these type apps from play stores.

If you don’t know what is the root or How to root a device then you can read from the Internet according to your device model and Read our How to bypass root detection in android Apps article.

I think Everyone loves to use Premium Application without paying a penny, so If you came for that then take a look below list of the top 5 best In-app purchase hack application for android.

1. Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is an App modified tool (or we can say it can make Mod Apk) that can change the permission of any apps and game, remove ads, and by using this you can get free In-app purchases in android also. It is the best modifier tool which works on rooted device and Non-rooted device perfectly. But if you want to use it with full potential then you need a little bit of technical knowledge and a rooted device.


Lucky Patcher Features:

  • You can apply a Custom Patch to get full version premium function
  • Removed License verification from premium apps
  • Remove ads from free apps or games
  • Get free In-app purchases for your android apps and games. (It works only offline version games)

Here is some which I personally hacked and get the benefit of free in-app purchase, those apps are Subway surfer, Beautyplus, Interview apps and so on.

Now you are thinking that “Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

Yes! it is completely safe to use Lucky Patcher on your device. but it is a little tricky and needs technical knowledge to do the custom patch. some time it damages the apps or game so please take a backup of that apps before applying the patch.

Note: You have to keep installing Lucky patcher after applying custom patch otherwise you will lose premium extensions or features.

App Name Lucky Patcher
Version 8.7.1
Size 8.2 MB
Developer Chelpus
Category App editor
Platform Android
Requirment Android 4.0+

2. Xmod games

Xmodgames is one of the popular game hacker tools that can help the user hack any In-app purchases in apps or games. Unfortunately, only rooted devices can use Xmodgames, before we used to have an Xmod app for non-rooted devices, but later all the bugs or loopholes of the games were fixed so now the modding of games can be done only on rooted devices.

its UI is very simple and provides High definition screen recording and facility to take a screenshot while you are playing games. this feature is very useful for the blogger and Youtubers.

Xmod has some automated script which makes some games play automatically which makes it an amazing App emulator. Xmodgames Developer continuously updated their apps to fix bugs and lags.

Xmods also provide different-different type games mod which we play regularly such as GTA, in which you will get Unlimted health, time, or money. some mode has an amazing graphic that accelerates the game and gives the best feeling during gameplay.


Xmodgames Feature:

  • You can improve your gaming efficiency by multiple folds using multiple mods provided by the app.
  • Different types of mod give the opportunity to users to enjoy the game in their own rules.
  • The online forum has a gang of gamers of similar interest to share their views, tricks.
  • Easy methods and hack can be demonstrated to others by recording the gameplay.
App Name Xmodgames
Version 2.4.0
Size 9.5 MB
Developer XMG Team
Category App Editor
Platform Android
Requirment Android 2.3-6.0

3. Leo Playcard

Leo Playcard is similar to the Lucky patcher and Xmod games. that allows you to download premium or paid games and apps for free from there store. It can be synchronized with any apps and games and make you immortal. you can take benefit of free app purchasing without paying a penny. It comes with an inbuilt Playcard which you can use on google play store also.

The main advantage of this app is that can work on without rooted devices smoothly and this is compatible with almost all popular apps and games. and its have few limitations also, such as this app cant work with online games or applications and there is quite more chance to getting banned from app or game server from using Leo Playcard app.


Leo Playcard features:

  • You can control the objects included in the game by using Leo Playcard
  • Leo Playcard Apk requires No Root and it can be synchronized with almost all other applications.
  • Ability to hack all android modem games and Android games for free on android.
App Name Leo Playcard
Version 1.2
Size 3.2 MB
Developer Unknown
Platform Android
Requirment Android 2.3 up

4. Freedom

Free is one of the top-rated apps which name tells us that you will get all freedom during gameplay such as Free in-App purchase, remove ads, Cheat Engine and so on. As many of user have not any Internationa debit or credit card which cause they can’t buy anything from play store, so Freedom gives the opportunity to generate fake card details and download Premium apps and games on your device.

It has a long list of supported apps but it has also few downsides in case they detected your action and which can cause banned your Account and Playstore Id too. The app is effective and works with every popular game out there.


Freedom Features:

  • Helps in downloading any type of game or app easily.
  • It is compatible with all versions of Android.
  • You don’t need to spend any amount to use CreeHack.
App Name Freedom
Version 2.5.4
Size 1.9 MB
Category App Market
Platform Android
Rquirement Supported Android Version

5. CreeHack

The app also does similar jobs like Lucky Patcher and Xmodgames but it has specific features and support. It only works with games and runs in the background. And guess what it works smoothly every major game. It UI is so boring but it does the job pretty well on android devices.

This tool scans your all Premium applications and give the opportunity to hack them without spending a penny.


CreeHack Features:

  • Its work with rooted and Without the rooted device
  • Free in-App purchase.
  • Crack any premium games.
  • Safe and Free to use.
App Name Cree Hack
Version Latest
Size 1.6 MB
Developer CreeTeam
Category App Market
Platform Android
Requirement Android 4.0 & above.

We have another App from where You can download Premium Apps and game without spending money.

6. Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is alternate to Google play store where you can find all premium Apps and games absolutely free. It has a ton of Mod application which give all premium features. You can just go and find favourite genre apps and games on one click.


Blackmart Alpha – is it legal?

  • The installation of Blackmart Alpha on your smartphone is not illegal in itself.
  • However, downloading and installing Blackmart Alpha apps, which usually cost money, is not legal. Downloading cracked applications and carrying them with you on your phone violates copyright law and is punishable by law.
  • In view of this and the fact that apps can be infected with viruses and malware, we strongly advise against using Blackmart Alpha.
App Name Blackmart Alpha
Version 2020.2.1
Size 7.2 MB
Developer Blackmart Team
Category App Market
Platform Android
Last Updated 2020


TweakerLinks does not promote How to get Free In-app purchase hack for android. so we have not shared the download link of those apps. If you want to use these apps then you can find on the Internet. This post is for those who always search Free IAP for android.

I hope you liked our articles, If you face any difficulty to use these apps then you can leave your queries below comment box.

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F A Q related to IAP (In-App Purchase)

Does it really work for Free In-App purchases?

It works 99% on every offline game and apps. But we can give a guarantee of 100% because nothing is perfect in this world. So try your Luck.

Is it works on Non rooted Android device?

Most of the App modifier works on rooted devices with full potential, but few also works with a non-rooted device.

Is App modifier or Free In-app Purchase application illegal to use?

No! Installation and use of these apps are not illegal, but modifying any other apps or games is illegal.

Is It Safe to use?

It depends on your device and your actions. If you play safely with these apps then you will be always safe otherwise it can damage your device too.

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