Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Alexa and Siri

According to the newest reports, and two Current types of research, the Panda Google’s famous personal virtual assistant, definitely, Google Assistant a lot Smarter Than Alexa assistant and Siri and easily control to beat its opponents, as a result, Google assistant overtook Alexa, Cortana, and Siri Assistants.

All Virtual assistants have received a developing power within the day to day routine. Also they able to help us, we depend on their intelligence and expertise to execute the instructions and commands that we order them.

Two latest studies have made public that Google Assistant is smarter and beats the competition far and away, it overtook Alexa and Siri assistant.

The work that the panda Google has carried out with Google Assistant shows amazing company’s dedications in this area. more and more wise and savvy, it assists users on both Android and different devices wherever it’s present.

Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Alexa and Siri

Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Alexa and Siri

Img: Google Assistant Is Smarter Than Alexa and Siri.

In the term of sales, the Amazon Echo and another sensible home device with the promise of Alexa sweeps the field. However, a new brand study identified that while Alexa might be the most popular assistant around, she might not be the best.

For the second year in a row, digital marketing specialists at Stone Temple released the results of its smart speaker quiz. They asked nearly 5,000 queries on 5 separate devices: Cortana, Alexa, Google’s Assistant on Google Home mini device, Google Assistant on an Android phone, & Siri.

The team also set out specific parameters for the “contestants” in answering the identical queries. the first would be that the All assistant answered the question verbally.

The team would then note if the answer was received from a selected database or if it absolutely was sourced from a third-party source like Wikipedia website.

They also counted but often the assistant did not understand the questions, and lastly, they counted each time the device merely got the question wrong.

The digital marketing site Stone Temple did the same survey previous year, which test had nearly identical parameters for this year so as to compare the expansion of digital assistants between years.

Google Assistant – The smartest virtual assistants

a couple of studies have shown that the panda Google’s Assistant is the smart and most effective in understanding to the assistant users. last year Stone Temple Consult had done a survey on Assitance which is returned to show this time updated ratings, with a highlight of the getting to know that was done the previous year.

This new reports compared on few assistants with over four to five thousand completely different queries, recording the answers are given and their percentages of correctness. in the exact time, in comparison with 12th Months figures.Analysis of answers given by Google Assistant

Img. No Of Incorrect Answer Responses

The Google assistant always win, with above 92 percent of the queries answered and with an 82 percent correction grade. It’s fascinating to see that after Google Assistant switches from Mobile to Google Home mini this no correction grade changes. then the answer gives to the user was 85 percent with the correction degree of 65 percent.

At the last of competition, they stayed away, apart from the windows Cortana that become very close. we’ve got Alexa answering 80 percent of the queries, but the only 50 percent correct and Siri, who additionally responded 80 percent of the Questions and got only 40 percent of the correct answers.

Analysis of answers given by Google Assistant

The second Report, which is done by ROAST, targeted on Google Assistant answers. after 10,000 queries have been able to understand that Question of answers of this assistant isn’t always coherent, only correct.Analysis of answers given by Google Assistant

It was possible to understand that in several cases the response didn’t correspond to what was presented at the interface. The answers disagreed from real info not only in their origin but also in the info presented, often from totally different websites.

There is still a lot of work to be done to form these systems more capable and with a greater degree of autonomy. For now, they’re useful, but they need users to learn to understand the information presented. the long run will bring a lot of capable assistants with even greater capabilities.

Which Personal Assistant is the Smartest?

( Tallies by Tom’s Guide)

In Tom Guide final tally, Siri and Alexa tied for the quantity of first-place finishes. however Google Assistant brought the overall points.

Each assistant received 3 points for 1st place in a category, 2 points for second, and one point for third place.


Google Assistant


General Knowledge 2nd (2 pts) 1st (3 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
Ordering Food 2nd (2 pts) 1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts)
Entertainment 1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2 pts)
Music  1st (3 pts) 2nd (2 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
Online Shopping 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
Communications 2nd (2 pts) 3rd (1 pt) 1st (3 pts)
Directions 3rd (1 pt) 2nd (2 pts) 1st (3 pts)
Smart Home 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2 pts) 2nd (2 pts)
Availability 3rd (1 pt) 2nd (2 pts) 1st (3 pts)
Voice Recognition 3rd (1 pt) 1st (3 pts) 1st (3 pts)
Extendability 1st (3 pts) 2nd (2 pts) 3rd (1 pt)
of First Place Wins 5 4 5
Total Points 24 25 23


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Credit: Stone Temple, Tom Guide

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