Beware! Hackers can steal your credit and debit card details during Shopping

You must have heard much news about fraud. Hackers hack the user’s debit card or credit card and use them wrongly. This is a process that uses hackers mostly to steal credit card data, which is known as Formjacking. In fact, Formjacking is a process in which hacker inject Malicious javascript code in the different shopping site’s payment checkout web pages. So, Read this article completely so that you can know how to keep your debit or credit secure.

How Hackers Take Your Credit / Debit Card Data?

Well, now Diwali is about to arrive, in such a way, hackers will try to steal your information and give big wounds to people. As we all know that before Diwali, all people start shopping online. However, you should be careful while shopping, because hackers are now targeting a check out page on the website to steal credit card data.


Let you tell that FormJacking is a process in which Hacker Malicious javascript code is injected into the checkout web pages of different shopping sites. Therefore, when a user enters the credit or debit card details to complete the purchase, the information immediately falls to the hackers.

The hacking process is very easy to implement and any hacker who has good technical information can easily use the Formjacking. Not only that, security firm Norton claimed that they had blocked 248,000 examples of FormJacking from Mid-August. The number of hackers is much higher than the previous data, i.e. now hackers are also looking at your shopping.

Not only this, Norton has also claimed that a huge increase in the Formjacking effort is a worrying topic. The cybersecurity company also claimed that the Formjacking effort has been done extensively from earlier this year.

How does formjacking work?

FormJacking is one of the most used hacking techniques by hackers. Suppose you are buying a product from Amazon and you have decided to pay for a credit card purchase. On the final page of the payment, where you will be asked to enter credit card information, Malicious is included in JavaScript injection and it collects all the data you entered and sends it to the hacker’s server. After obtaining credit card information, the attacker can use the details easily wherever he wants.

What makes this hacking attack scary?

This year we have seen a Formjacking campaign which was run by the group named Mazecraft. The attack targeted Ticket Master, British Airways, Feedfi and NewGeg. These are not small companies, they are all well-established and popular e-commerce portals.

So what does this mean? This means that the attack can be unknowable. No shopping site is safe. The worst thing is that you can not do much to save yourself from this attack. However, if you want to be in the safe side, choose the option of cash-on-delivery mode.

Let’s tell you that there are many ways other than Formjacking, so hackers can steal your information. Like if you swipe your card in the data scamming device, then the complete information about your card is copied. Apart from this, the Fake website, where if you make your payment, the hackers get the card information. Downloading an app from third parties and making payments through it can also be costly for you.

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