HideMyAss – HMA Pro 5.0.2 VPN License Key May 2020

HideMyAss – HMA Pro 5.0.2 VPN service for Windows includes access to our whole network of over 900 servers and over 120,000 IP addresses in over two hundred countries worldwide. HMA Pro 5.0.2 Vpn for Windows has several options making it simple to search out the most effective VPN server for your desires. simple connection merely enters your username and password into the dashboard, choose one of our VPN servers and click on connect. Multiprotocol support Our virtual personal network is quicker and leaves the all free proxies in its mud. Load leveling If there’s over one server in a specific location, load balancing will advise you which of the server has the least users connected, ensuring you hook up with the least loaded server. it’s terribly simple to use and has powerful options and functions that make the user appreciated.

HideMyAss – Hma License Key May 2020

A Brief Look :

HideMyAss Pro VPN guarantees one-click access to web privacy, with VPN exit servers in additional than 190 countries.

HideMyAss! is that the go-to tool for anyone who needs to surf the net freely, securely, in private and with no restrictions.

Hidemyass offers 3 connection modes: Instant mode connects you to the quickest, nearest VPN server. Location mode permits you to pick out that region to attach to, and Freedom mode helps you connect with a region that doesn’t prohibit access to content. in addition to English, the app is available in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish. Hidemyass hosts exit nodes in more than one hundred ninety countries and 350 locations, letting you skirt region-specific content restrictions. HMA will do all to secure and shield your privacy and also helps you to get eliminate the Hackers and governments. HideMyAss, with its broad choice of exit servers and one-click VPN access, maybe a dependable choice for creating a secure and personal connection to the web.

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HMA Pro Vpn Features:

  • Fast connection: You have to enter the license key into the dashboard, now choose any of the VPN servers and Hit on connect.
  • Geographic ideas: VPN servers located nearest to your area physically will often be more effective for your net connection.
  • Select Random servers: to improve your anonymity you can connect any random servers.
  • Multiprotocol assistance: This is a very fast VPN network.
  • Load Balancing: it will guide the user which server consist of minimum users load
  • Secure disconnection: also you could additionally protect applications that will not return to using your default unencrypted net connection.
  • Server map feature: This is more helpful for visual identification- so you will able to see the difference between servers and user.
  • Schedule IP changes: at the certain time, you can change your Ip address randomly.
  • IP Checker tool: Therefore, this helps to provide you proof that your user identity has been edited.

Pros of HMA pro 5.0.2 Vpn

Easy Setup: Before anything, you should understand that in order to use HMA! pro VPN, you’re first needed to register an account on HMA! pro-VPN’s official website then you have got to pick out the suitably provided service plans. after you finish with of these concerns, you wish to check that.Net Framework 4.6 or later is put in on your computer’s system, you should be successfully able to install the application and deploy in your system, then log in with your account then you’re able to use the application.

Robust VPN: the main advantage of using HMA Pro 5.0.2 VPN is that it serves various numbers of IP addresses, servers, and locations. aside from this, from the first seconds of the usage, you’ll appear to realize that the interface is straight-forward and pretty cool. With the wants of the various users, HMA! professional VPN may be engaged with 3completely different connection modes, namely Instant, Freedom, and location.

Cons of Hidemyass

Weak Support: The technical and support system of this application isn’t so much excited to answer the queries in no time and if they answer so they offer with minimum info.

System Requirements :
  • Operating Systems – Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10
  • RAM (Memory) – 1 GB of RAM required
  • Hard Drive Space – 50 MB of free space required
  • Processor – Intel Pentium 3 or later

How To Install HMA Pro VPN crack on your PC?

  • Download HMA! Pro VPN program from Official site.
  • Run as administrator.
  • Select the installation options.
  • After it is installed click on finish.
  • Launch the application and run it.

How to activate HMA license key?

  • Copy the License key and paste in the HMA application.
  • After successfully activation, connect to the server.
  • If you are facing any Max connections Reached issue, while connecting to the server. then please Re-connect after some time. Because Each license is Single User license, That’s why its support only 1 user at a time
  • Bingo 🙂



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