How do cameras work: Learn how smartphones Camera make our life smart

How do Cameras work – In today’s smart world it has become very easy to make the golden and special moments of your life forever memorable. Although a few decades ago, this work was not easy, but today’s modern camera smartphones have made our world quite smart. Nowadays you can make any memory time of your life memorable forever and for this, you do not need things like a large camera or DSLR. For this, just your smartphone camera is enough. Nowadays, almost all the smartphones have so many merits that they can capture any of your favorite pictures in an amazing look. So let us tell you some specific information about today’s high-tech smartphone camera.

How do cameras work in a Smartphone

what is Megapixel in cameracamera megapixel

When we talk about any superphone camera, megapixel that comes to everybody mind firstly. The pixel is build of millions of smaller units. One Megapixel means more pixels than One million pixels. If a camera has more pixel then it will capture more amazing images.

What is Aperture (F / stop)

The aperture is a hole in the camera. While in our eyes the pupil and in the camera sense the amount of light through the sensor. It shows f / 1.5, f / 2.4 and so on. The denominator below the F, which means that more light can pass through the lens.

Optical Image Stabilization

Moving lens element and gyroscope sensor are used to move the lens elements here and down. Recording photos and videos in low light become very easy through this feature.

what is shutter speed in camerashutter speed

Through the shutter speed, we can control the photo’s brightness. Having low shutter speed gives your photo plenty of brightness. Using Shutter Speed, you can capture very good Images in low light.

what is ISO in camera

ISO determines the sensitivity of your camera for the existing light. Because of that, you can also click better Image in low light. The sensitivity rating of the photo for cameras makes the ISO itself, which stands for the international standard organization.

The depth of fielddepth of field

From the depth of field, we focus on the particular part of our photo. If your photo is in all focus, then it means that it has a depth of field. If your image only has foreground and background focus, it means that a low depth of field is used in the photo.


Flash is a big role in every camera nowadays. By the way, the camera clicks the picture in the exact light, but there are times when there is a lack of light on the spot and the camera does not get enough light to click the picture. In this case, you need a flash. Flash means the LED light in the smartphone for your camera. When you flash your smartphone in a low light spot, the LED light glow, which then gives enough light to your image subject. After that, you can click on the magnificent picture.

So friends, now you understood How do cameras work. I hope you liked this information. If you have any Question related to this “How do cameras work” article then leave a comment in the comment box.

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