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How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script

(Diwali Script Added) Hello Friends, Today we will talk about how you can buy Fest Wishes with name WhatsApp sharing script and, how you can make money 10-15$ per day(Minimum) by adding festival wishes with name script to your blog or website?

There are so many festivals in our country India and now we all like to wish all festival to friends and relatives on social media apps like Facebook, Tweeter, Whatsapp.

So these days the craze of festival wishes on social media is growing rapidly. You can get lots of fest wishes with name website or Apps on the internet.
here you can enter the name of the person whom you want to wish festival or Birthday, and also you will able to choose the festival specific images.

How to earn money from Fest wishes with name, WhatsApp festival sharing script.

These type of Fest wishes with name or WhatsApp festival sharing script become viral on social media very easily, mostly on Whatsapp and Facebook and other social media. Because it works as a chain system.

How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script

Whenever you enter your name on this wishes website, it generates a beautiful wish with your name… Like – Rahul wishing You Happy Holi.

It looks very awesome because it contains amazing and attractive looks with specific festival images.

So now coming to the main point. when you enter your name in this app and send it to someone whom you want to wish, then it sends a specific URL with your entered name…


when your friend or relative clicks on that links then they will redirect to that website and they see Rahul is wishing me Happy Holi in an attractive way.

Apart from this, when your friends or relative open that website they get impressed because of website design and attractive look. and after that, they also send the festival wishes URL to his relatives and friends by entering his/her name. and his friends send own friends and so on… so this chain keeps running like this. 🙂

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How to make Fest wishes with name website or Whatsapp festival sharing script.

If I talk about a simple festival wishes with name script then anybody who has HTML, CSS, JavaScript about a little bit knowledge can make this type of simple script, If I talk about an SEO friendly Fest wishes with name script with amazing design and animation, then you have to work hard to create such a fest wishes with name script.

If you want to use Festival wishes with name script-free version then you can download the free version from below link. but, you will not get any support from my side in the free version and also it has lots of limitations.

If you want premium version script then Please read this post till the end

Free script - Download

I created a Fest wishes with name script which gives you an amazing look and amination and also the opportunity to host any types of festival wishes events.

So you can easily install it on your site. For this, you just have to paste a zip file into your cPanel of web hosting And and you need to edit some links and names.

In this Festival wishes with name script, you have to only change some images and links, and You can also add your Google Analytics code and Google Adsense. You can buy these wishes scripts in Rs. 300-600 only.

How to Buy Fest wishes with name SEO friendly premium script.

If you will search on internet festival wishing script then you will get lots of scripts which does not have user-friendly design and animation and SEO friendly coding. and also they charge approximately Rs. 700-1500.

If you buy festival wishes script from our websites, then this script is available in only Rs 200-400. and also You will get lots of features and lots of benefits and the most important thing the installation help support.

Features of Fest wishes with Name Script.

  1. You can change with any Images
  2. google Adsense friendly
  3. Supports any size ads
  4. Optimized for high ads-revenue
  5. Very lightweight with Super high speed
  6. Facebook and Whatsapp Social Share Button
  7. Facebook Meta Tags
  8. Twitter Meta Tags

Benefits of Festival wishes with Name web app Script

  1. You will get a huge Facebook page/post likes and comments
  2. You will Earn Decent Traffic
  3. You can Earn Money (If you have Common Sense)
  4. also , you can redirect that site to your money site to get transfer link Juice and Boost rankings

How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script

You can see Demo of Premium scripts.

  1. Demo - 299Rs only
  2. Demo1 - Independence day 2018 and Demo2 - Eid - 599 Rs only
3. Demo 3 -  Diwali Php or Blogger version - 300Rs

It is available for both platform, Blogger and wordpress

Festival sharing script Sold count: 31 (Thank You)

How to Install Fest wishes with name script.

When you buy it, you will get a zip file in which lots of coding files which supports the main Php files. so you have to upload all file on Web Hosting Cpanel and extract the zip file on the custom directory or you can extract it on the main directory.

if you will extract on the custom directory that means it will look like this... Holi folder.

If you extract on the main directory then it will look like

so, if you need any help in installing this zip file on custom directory then you can contact me. I will surely help you 🙂

If you want to install this zip file itself, then follow these given steps.

Step 1. First of all, open your web hosting Cpanel.

step 2. After that, You have to open your File manager.

How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script 2

step 3. On the next screen, you need to click on Public_Html.


How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script 3

step 4. Now you have to click on Upload and then select files.

step 5. Now select your zip file from desktop or pc and upload it.

How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script

step 6. when upload finished, then extract the zip file into the main directory. You will see a folder in which lots of files are present.

step 7. Now you have to select Index.php file and click on right click.

How to Earn Money from Fest Wishes with name or Whatsapp festival sharing script


step 8. After that, you have to select Edit. You need to edit some line according to your websites.

step 9. You can also change facebook and twitter meta tag links according to your need.

step 10. Now click on save changes… done 🙂

Finally, you have to select all file and move out from that folder (Public_html)

Now open your browser and type your website link… you will see your fest wishing with name webpage


Note: You can not Re-sell this script after purchasing, each script has a unique number. If You re-sell this script then you will not get any help and update from my sides.

I hope you will respect my hard work and will not sell this script to anyone else.

Hello Friends, hope you understand this fest Wishes with Name script post, and also How to make Viral Script and how to make money from this script. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post then comment below in the comment box and also share this post with your friends.

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  1. what is the payment method for purchasing primium script????????????????????????????????????????

  2. Thanks for sharing this information.have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

    1. I can’t say anything about it… it depends upon Adsense
      If you have used the general keyword then fine.. If you are manipulating keywords to increase CPC, then it can create trouble for you.

  3. I am priyansu i am using mcent in earlir time mcent point increasing fast but now point increasing solwly solwly

  4. Is it necessary to add privacy policy and tos pages link in fest wish page ?
    And how many google ads may I add in fest wish page ?
    Please reply as soon as possible.

    1. Yup… According to Adsense.. You have to link Tos and privacy policy pages… You can add maximum 4 ads in a fest pages

  5. which adsence is using for this viral script because now a days there are to types of adsense accounts old policy non hosted adsence and new policy non hosted adsence and adsence let me know about these things.

    1. bro.. now there is no more old policy adsense… now every adsense has been converted into new policy adsense…

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