How to get Wikipedia Backlinks within 15 Minutes in Genuine way

Hey Bloggers! everybody knows about Wikipedia. it is the most trusted website in every country. because its loads more trust not only from you but also from giant Google, Yahoo, Bing and others big Search engines which make Wikipedia trust outstanding. it is the most trustworthy and most visited website. because it gives details information about anything. that why this site rank on top in every search engines.

Now you can imagine if a website is ranking on top then what will be his backlink value in search results.

Now you will notice if you searching for anything then Wikipedia post comes in the first position on the google. in very rare case you will not find Wikipedia post on the first page. So, If you get backlinks from Wikipedia then it will be more worthy than any high DA, PA websites. and also it will build heavy trust between Google and your website.

So, in this article, I am going to show you how to get Wikipedia backlinks within 15 minutes in a genuine way from now. and I will tell you the entire process, step by step instructions in an easy and simple way. and there is No any special or paid tools required.

Wikipedia Backlinks Value

Hmmm… you can see my website is new on the google that why I was searching for good backlinks for my website. and finally, I got an amazing way that I can use to get Wikipedia backlinks in a Genuine way for the lifetime.

Actually, It’s easier and faster than you are thinking. and also success rate is very high to get Wikipedia backlinks for the lifetime. You know one backlink from Wikipedia is far better than thousands of low and spam backlinks.

As you will see if a site got a backlink from Wikipedia which is “Nofollow” backlinks but still far better than and worthy that thousand of spam backlinks and also it make your website more professional in front of Gaint google.

As you can see below the Domain rating of Wikipedia is 91 and also URL rating 91. Just 9 pints left to be Century;). It has also 14k Organic keywords and more than 7.8M monthly traffic. Now Guess how Powerful is this website.

Now there is some reason why you need backlinks from Wikipedia in a genuine way. The backlink you made from this site can work in an amazing way than you thought. Let’s have a look.

  1. First of all, Wikipedia links are 99% spam free.
  2. that’s why everyone trusts on Wikipedia links. Not only peoples but Giant search engine as well as.
  3. Gaint google also thinks the website that Wikipedia referred is trusted and Quality contents website.
  4. wikipedia consist of detail information regarding each and everything.
    that’s why it links all related information about that topic. and if your post link will be attached that post then it can drive thousands of traffics on your website.

So, now coming to the details information about the Wikipedia link building journey.

What will you need for Link building?

  • Your Article URL
  • Unquie content should be written in the article
  • Main thing: Wikipedia article should be related to your post
  • Wikigrabber

so, guys, This four thing plays an important role in getting Wikipedia backlinks. So, I am starting NOW….

Wikipedia backlinks Building: What Opportunities?

Many people just go and tell the Wikipedia, my article contents more information than yours so drop my post link… this is not enough. Many bloggers write an amazing article far better than Wikipedia but they can’t beat Wikipedia.

Generally, there are three kinds of opportunities to build Wikipedia backlinks in the Genuine way.

  1. Unique Link Opportunities
  2. Dead Link Opportunities
  3. Broken Link Opportunities

In this article, I will guide you to build a Dead link opportunity which is the best way and also link can be saved permanently.

Unique Link Building Opportunities

This is one of the easy methods, and yes it really works if you want to build genuine backlinks.

Wikipedia is an Open source platform which gives the opportunity to everyone to edit that pieces of information and add new information or best articles. so this is a very good way to build new backlinks every day.

As you can see in the below image this is related to TechCrunch. Where American is a clickable link and it will introduce you to another website or to another Wikipedia page.


However, I don’t advise you to make Wikipedia backlinks in this way. But I will recommend you to build backlinks from the dead link, because it is very easy and powerful as well as time-saving method.

Dead Link Building Opportunities

You all know, what is a dead link and how it can affect. let me clear you.wikipedia-dead-link

you can see below the image, there is a dead link in number 50. it means the link is dead which is referred to by Wikipedia and it is no longer exist on google.

So, when you see a {dead link} sign in Wikipedia reference website. it means you have the good opportunity to fix that dead link and get the backlinks. and you should have similar contents which they are looking at that place. so you need to grab that opportunity as soon as possible because everybody finds the same opportunity to build Wikipedia backlinks.

Wikipedia is also like a general contents website but it gives details pieces of information that why it has the biggest domain authority and also it has millions of pages. so you will get many opportunities to make awesome quality backlinks.

Broken Link Building Opportunities

this is a very time-consuming method and it can take many days.

so, I don’t like this time taking method and also I am not going to share this method to build backlinks. at last dead link building is one of the best and time saving method. so I recommend you to start with dead link building.

Overall Combine

so, if you follow these three strategies then you can get powerful backlinks and also ranked on the google.

if you are thinking to make more and more backlinks then it can create trouble for your website. if you make more backlinks then Wikipedia will remove all your links from there site. so, make one to two backlinks in a year if you want to get genuine backlinks from Wikipedia.

Now many people wondering, how they can catch that link build opportunity in Wikipedia. so, don’t worry friends, after knowing this all process you will be happy. because it is the very very easy process to get backlinks from Wikipedia

How To Use WikiGrabber To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

As I told that you will need WikiGrabber tool for this work. This is the best tool for finding dead link building opportunities according to me.

now you have to go on Wikigraber and search keyword related to your domain. like Cosmic avenger just an example for you.How to get Wikipedia Backlinks within 15 Minutes in Genuine way 1

So, Let me start step by the process.

The Step by Step Guide Using WikiGrabber

  • Now all you have to do is to enter a keyword related to your domain in WikiGrabber. For example, I am using “Cosmic Avengers” Keyword.
  • when you click on search then you will see lots of results like below. they all need a citation or dead links.wikigrabber-dead-link
  • when you get results now you have to check each and every link and find if the dead link can be linked to your niche.
  • Now you can go to that post location just by clicking on that topic. so in this way, you get redirected to the desired link location.
  • But every time Wikigrabber is not worked. so sometimes you have to find these things by alternative methods.

How To Use Google To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

If by chance Wikigrabber does not work for you, then you have to use google. its surely work for you to find dead links.

  • Just Copy & Paste: “Keyword phrase” “dead link”

  • if I search these with my keyword then I will get lots of
  • So if I click any post link then I can get a dead link by (Ctrl+F) alsowikipedia-dead-link
  • This works very fine but you have to find relevant contents to your website. it is very time-consuming

So guys, now you have learned how you can find the broken or dead link. Now you can find any desirable link to your site.

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Wikipedia Link Building – Doing Yourself

As I told you after you find relevant broken links to your domain then now its time to do yourself something to build an amazing quality link from Wikipedia.

Not Necessary Just Recommended

After finding the dead link now you have to copy that dead link and just paste it on the Wayback Archive Machine website. After that, you will get some results according to date archive.wayback

Now, after getting the results now you can make the similar article in your blog and start building a backlink or if your domain match that keyword then you can simply link your similar post over there. Do not need a new article if your blog is just relevant to that post, simply your home page also will work.

But, if anything you get is not so relevant than don’t bother searching for more other backlink opportunities.

So, take your dead link to Majestic or Ahrefs and see how is that post acting in past does it contain any good amount of backlinks?Ahref

when you put that link on these tools then you will get some resulted as shown below.

If that link contains any backlink then there are great opportunities for you to grab this awesome chance. Just a few backlinks are enough for you. if you get 5+ backlinks then it is a golden chance for you. The more backlinks the more people are attached to that or interested on that post.

So, After you have to make related to that post or you can just update the existing article. Now you can also go to that referred backlink website and email them. and write which link you pointed is showing error. I have also a similar type of article, if you interested you can link our article as a reference.

Now, You have completed part of finding relevant backlinks and opportunities. so now its time for some serious classwork.

Add Your Own Unique Links To Wikipedia

So, guys, there are lots of Wikipedia pages that need some amazing quality of information. also, Wikipedia members requesting to add good quality of information.unique-link

You can see, Moderators are requesting to people to improve the wiki pages. add more resources and many more details information. If you have a Business related to Language then you can also come up to this language barrier page and add some relevant contents on it and also you can leave your links.

How to Create Your Wikipedia Account

First of all, you need a Wikipedia account to edit or add any pieces of information. If you have an account then it is good. if not then you can create. it is a very easy process.wikipedia-create-account

It can take some time to approve your account on Wikipedia. But once your Wikipedia account gets approval then you can run as quick as you can.

After the made an account you have to visit the link which you want to edit and put your link. I will also tell you how you can edit that wiki post in Guiune way.

Things To Consider Before You Add Your Links

Before you add your link, some important thing you have to keep in mind. wikipedia is an open source and non-profitable community. so we need to respect them and also keep spam free to support the community.

They have no direct earning source of money. if they have any ads network or affiliate on them then they can be top 1 site to earn money.

so, Be sure to put any link you are not going to spam. and also you should give a good reason why you edit any resource. ” Like the source was broken or dead and I have also similar post as the source link used to have before“.

If you are going to link low-quality contents then never expect to get approved from Wikipedia. they have high-quality contents so make sure that you have amazing quality content.

If you do not have related contents then take your time to do your best. because your post should be human-friendly.

Editing An Article To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

whenever you click on edit source it will redirect you on the editor. so make sure to click on edit source from the top left-hand side.wikipedia-post-edit

But in the editor, you will lose the exact dead link keyword. so you have to remember the keyword which is located with a dead or broken link. You can see in the image below. ” Cosmic Avengers” is what I am going search in edit source for the fast find.


Now I will copy the Cosmic Avengers and search the same keyword by CTRL+F. You can see the below image.cosmic avenger


Just in a second, I found and now I just remove the dead link from that keyword and paste my link which is relevant to this keyword. And boom I will get new Wikipedia backlinks 🙂

Did you see the how I find a relevant dead link in a simple way?

I just changed that link with my new website and I did hit on preview and after that the link is clickable. now I need to publish changes.

After everything now just sits back and wait for sometime to see the changes is approved or not. if you spent your time in build your trust with Wikipedia then you won’t have a problem here.

Final Vidirect

Hmmm… After my whole day continuous article writing and your 20 minutes of serious reading with some day patience on getting an email from Wikipedia.

We finally set up Wikipedia and built a high-quality backlink.

So friends keep in mind there are only 3 opportunities you will get from Wikipedia.

  • Dead links: Marked by Wikipedia in red color – these links are no longer exist on the internet
  • Broken links: These are the links of third-party sites that were also linking to that pages
  • Unique links: You can place your link with the fresh high-quality article

Always keep in mind WikiGrabber tool for any of these kinda work.

Always use Ahref and Semrush for these type of work.

Furthermore, if you want unique backlinks from Wikipedia then you need an editor account. please don’t spam on Wikipedia, only 2-3 backlinks in a year are enough. so do not try to mislead these type of community.

So, guys, it was all about How to get Wikipedia backlinks in 15 minutes in a genuine way.

I hope you understand my all views and also you will apply this method. If you like this post then please share this post with your friends. If you have any queries related to this post, then leave a comment in the comment box.

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