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How to Make Auto Refresh page in Blogspot | Mcent auto refresh Trick

Hey guys, today we are going to talking about How to make auto refresh page or post in Blogspot.
Creating blog page that automatically refreshes allows a blogger to push current content onto the blog or website page on a consistent basis without needing web users’ caches to clear before they can see the update. Having a page that auto-refreshes will facilitate a blogger as a result of he doesn’t need to worry regarding it taking a long time for recently uploaded info to appear live on an internet site.

You can use this trick for Mcent also, And You can get unlimited views on the post. Now we are using Blogspot for making an auto-refresh page.

How to Make Auto Refresh page in Blogspot | Mcent auto refresh Trick:

  • Log in to your Blog and locate the page that you want to auto refresh.
  •  You have to create a post in Blogspot.
  • After that go to theme section.
  • now click on HTML Edit option below the to make auto refresh page
  • Insert the following code next to Head (5th Line)how to make auto refresh page

Script: ” <meta content=’3,URL=”Post Link paste here”‘ http-equiv=’refresh’ name=’viewport’/> “

  • You have to paste your post link after the URL, which you want to Auto-refresh
  • In this Script, “3” means that the post will refresh every 3 seconds. If you want the page to refresh more or less frequently, replace “3” with the number of seconds you want.
  • Now Hit on save Button
  • bingo!

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If you don’t understand How to make auto refresh page in Blogspot yet, then watch this video


JavaScript Page Refresh

If you want to make Auto refresh page for website or blog in JavaScript, you can use Location.relaod script method. this script may be called automatically upon an event or certainly while the user clicks on a hyperlink (Links). in case you want to refresh a web page with the use of Mouse click, then you can use the given below script.

<a href="javascript:location.reload(true)">Refresh Page</a>

If you want to understand this in the better way then please Go here.

Auto refresh page in Blogspot

Also, you can refresh the page automatically by using JavaScript after a given time period. Here in JavaScript setTimeout() is a built-in function that could be used to perform another task after a given time duration.

For Example

You can give a try to given below example. It shows how to refresh a page after every 3 seconds. Also, You can change that 3 seconds time with your requirement.

      <script type="text/JavaScript">
            function AutoRefresh( t ) {
               setTimeout("location.reload(true);", t);
   <body onload="JavaScript:AutoRefresh(6000);">
      <p>This web page should refresh every 3 seconds.</p>

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