How to Mine Electroneum (ETN) Cryptocurrency In Mobile – Earn Real Money

Today we are going to share the most comprehensive Guide on How to Mine Electroneum (ETN coin) cryptocurrency in Mobile. Crypto Currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum is going to be next level of the economic revolution in Future. Electroneum briefly ETN is Mass adoption Cryptocurrency which permits Mining of Electroneum or we can say Generating ETN Coin in ordinary Smart Phones that may be a Crazy concept if you’re thinking that.

Until nowadays there are Hundreds of Crypto Coins that all are mine on robust Systems and takes the most time to mine few Coin. however, in Electroneum it takes a couple of hours to Mine ETN Coin and additional Now you can earn ETN Coins through Mobile Mining, by which extra money comes in your Pocket.

If You are newbie In cryptocurrencies don’t very we are going to talk each and every step here, How you will earn Electroneum Coin through Smartphone Mining. and How You can exchange ETN Coin to in Real Money or Fiat Currency. So Let’s start some steps you need to simply observe steps cautiously.

Note:- There is No Investment needed to Mine Electroneum in Mobile and You can Run ETN Mining app in Background also. 🙂

How to Make Account On Electroneum Website:-

  1. Firstly you have to install Electroneum App From Google Play Store:
  2. Download from HereDownload ETN App —
  3. After that, open ETN App and tap on Sign-Up Via the Website option to make to mine electroneum in mobile
  4. On the next screen, you will see Sign Up Page Open. Now tap on Sign-up Via Facebook option or You can enter all your information into signup form which shows below.
    how to mine electroneum in mobile
  5. After that, you have to Verify your email Id and Enter Mobile no. to do Number Verification.
  6. Now set the Pin recovery Email id and Login Pin No. to access the app on the to mine electroneum in mobile
  7. Congrats! You Register Successfully on the App now You have To Mine.

 How to Mine Electroneum Cryptocurrency in Mobile:

  1. Now, first of all, Open the Electroneum app in mobile.
  2. After that Login through Facebook Id or enter ID password again.
  3. after that, you have to enter Login PIN To continue.
  4. On the next screen, You will see START MINING option in the ETN to mine electroneum in mobile
  5. As You Click on Start Mining option it will start Mining Electroneum Coin for You.
  6. On the same Page, you’ll be able to see Your Miner status, Mobile Hash RatePending ETN Balance that You earn through Mining and Total no of Active Members which are mining straight away as you’re doing.
  7. When you Mine 10 Electroneum coin which takes around 50 – 60 Minutes to Mine* Now ETN coin has Ready for Transfer in your ETN wallet From where You can Redeem it.

Introduce people to the App to Earn extra ETN:-

ETN additionally working on Bonus Invite and Self Earn feature. where If you’ll use any friends and Family Refer Code You earn 1 Percent additional ETN on every occasion whatever You mine every day. And Who Refer You they’re going to earn 5% extra Of your Electroneum coin mining on every occasion. therefore, you furthermore may earn extra coin and refer your friends to earn 5% from everybody. So let’s Follow the procedures to earn more ETN.

  1. Go to the Main screen and tap on Earn Free Coins or you can find this option in the to mine electroneum
  2. Scroll Down Below, they will be asked to you enter Refer code. now Enter the code: 99E2C4
  3. When you enter 99E2C4 code you’re also eligible for 1 % Extra earning.
  4. To refer Your Family and friends tap on Show My Refer Code/QR Option.
  5. Now collect your Refer Code and ask your Family and Friends to create an account in the app as you do and enter your Referral code.
  6. When your Family or Friend enters your Referral code you will get 5 % extra of their Mobile Mining and they will Get 1 percent extra of their ETN Mining.

Steps To Redeem ETN Coin / Convert ETN In Local Currency:-

The whole Method of Electroneum is mass adoption which means you’ll be able to mine ETN Coin and you will use this Electroneum to purchase or sell things as You usually Do. however, if you don’t wish to do that then you could additionally convert it to other cryptocurrency or native currency.

Etn coin

For Transferring initial move to the ETN Wallet and send Your Electroneum coins (ETN) to BitBns or Kucoin or any exchange that supporting ETN (For Indian Users). From that wallet Exchange it in Bitcoins( BTC), Litecoin (LTC) Or Etherum (ETH) then send this Fund to Zebpay, Koinex or any other Indian Exchange. and Sold it in INR (Indian Rs.) and Send it to the bank.

It looks terribly long steps however it’s terribly straightforward thus move and Use Electroneum Mobile Mining and earn the Real money in your Mobile.

Pro Tip: If you may keep Electroneum (ETN coin) for some time it price will increase and you may get the Higher price of your Electroneum coins so the choice is yours.


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If You Do not Understand How to Mine Electroneum in mobile Yet Watch this Video.

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