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How to Root MIUI 12 Supported Xiaomi smartphones

Hey, Tweakers, a few days ago I got a call from a friend and he was asking How to Root MIUI 12? I am also a big fan of custom ROMs and always customizing my own device with unique features, so most people always ask me how to root these and that device. So here I am gonna tell you how to Root Miui 12. Rooting gives an opportunity to speed up your device on a new level and modification to the new world possibility according to your needs.

Xiaomi has released MIUI 12 ROM for dozen of smartphones in the month of May. So if you looking for a guide on any Miui 12 supported smartphone rooting procedure then you are in the right place.

As we all know SuperSu script doesn’t support root for many years then now we have only one option to root MIUI 12 and that is Magisk Installer.

Rooting void smartphone’s warranty, so most of the company dissuades to root smartphone, also it can cause boot loop, and sometimes it leaves with damaged smartphone or tablet which can’t be easily repaired. Its is important to know that the root process is not always straightforward, some smartphone takes an hour to root and some couple of minutes.

If you really want to proceed to root your smartphone and think it will help you to gain potential benefits and that will well worth your needs then follow the below instruction carefully.

Benefits of Rooting

  • Boost speed and Improve battery life
  • Get rid of unnecessary Bloatware
  • Install custom Rom
  • You will able to block Ads on your smartphone
  • You can modify your smartphone CPU Clocking
  • Easily create a mod Apk with the help of 3rd party Apps
  • You can access free In-app purchase with the help of 3rd party Apps
  • You don’t have to wait for manufacture update
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Disadvantage of Rooting

  • It can brick or damage your smartphone
  • No more warranty
  • You cant install AIR Update directly
  • Some app will not work due to security reason ( such as Google pay, Banking Apps etc)

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The requirement of Xiaomi MIUI 12 Root

Before moving ahead make sure you have these things installed on your computer and smartphone

A Word of Caution before flashing Magisk on MIUI 12!

In A/B devices, the custom recovery is installed on boot partition as it lacks a recovery partition. When Magisk is installed, it also resides in the boot partition only.

When Magisk is flashed with the custom recovery, it may bring bootloop or some inconsistent behavior.
To avoid this issue, instead of flashing the recovery you can just boot from the custom recovery on your phone.

How to verify if you have an A/B device?

Enter to ADB shell and execute the below command to know:
adb shell

If you get the result is “True” then your device is using partitions.

For example Mi A1, Mi A3 use A/B partition

If it does not return anything, then you have an A-only device.
Poco F1 and almost every Xiaomi phone use A-only partition.

How to Root MIUI 12 using Magisk?

Maybe you will find different methods on the internet but here I am going to use the Magisk installer zip method by using TWRP recovery.

Note: Flashing Magisk on your phone may cause bootloop. 
Nothing to worry as you can uninstall Magisk completely. 
But still before flashing anything on your phone, make a backup of everything.

How to Install Magisk to root MIUI 12?

once you have every resource to root Miui 12 then follow the instruction which is given below.

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1. Download the and copy the Magisk installer on your smartphone.

2. Now reboot your smartphone into TWRP custom recovery or else you can use other recovery methods.


Connect your smartphone to the PC or Laptop and execute below command

adb reboot recovery


Or you can power off the phone and then press and hold the Power button + Volume Up button to boot into the recovery mode.

3. If you have PIN lock on your smartphone then fill your PIN into the Recovery screen to decrypt internal storage (If asked)

4. Click Install > Select the Magisk zip file > Swipe to confirm flash


5. Once done, then reboot your smartphone.


As a part of Magisk installation, the Magisk Manager App should have been installed. If not installed for some reason, you can manually install the Magisk Manager APK manually.

The Magisk Manager app is used to access SuperSu functions, install Magisk modules, manipulate AVB and force encryption etc.



How to Uninstall Magisk Manager from the smartphone?

If your device is not booting after a long time perform root procedure then it might be Bootloop state. To solve this problem you have to install the “Magisk Uninstaller zip” file to remove Magisk completely from your device.

Download the Magisk Uninstaller zip file from the same site from where you have downloaded the Installer zip file. and after that flash the same as you perform previous steps.

In this case you will end up without Magisk and a non-rooted MIUI 12 phone. If this happens, you can reply in with the scenario so that I can analyze and try to help you get the rooting done!

How to check Root is working or not on MIUI 12?

Install the ROOT checker app to verify if your phone is ROOTED or not.

  • Open the Root Checker app and then tap on the Verify Root Status
  • If asked, grant the permission to superuser request.
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If Magisk is not installed properly then this grant pop up screen will not come instead root access failed message will be shown else a success message will appear.

So. I hope guys this whole procedure will help to root your Xiaomi MIUI 12 smartphone.

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