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How to start a Blog to make money 2019 – Beginner’s Guide

In 2019, it is easier to start a blog and make the profit from it, than ever before for anyone.

This is true guys if you are not Technical person or don’t have enough knowledge about coding language or web designing.

Now in 2019, you can make a personal or professional blog in less than 30 – 40 minutes with a little bit of guidance and basic resources after completing this article  (but there’s no need to rush it).

I will guide you step by step and walk you through every part of the process while helping to avoid the very common mistake which newbie can be done.

Sound good?

Then let’s dive in and get started.

P.S.  If you’re curious about how much it will cost to start and maintain your blog, the simple answer is $0 to $60/year. I highly recommend that you opt for paid domains and hosting, but you have the option to start for free to test the waters. 

Why Start a Blog? What’s In It For You?

When I first started this blog, my aims were simple.

I wanted to teach people how to navigate the tricky (and often less-than-ethical) world of blogging and web development.

However, there is a myriad of different reasons that you might decide to start a blog beyond merely making enough money to hand in your two week’s notice.

For example:

  • A consistent blogging habit will make you a better writer
  • If you find the right niche you can make a full-time passive income
  • A high-traffic blog makes an excellent addition to your resume
  • You have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise
  • You can make important connections and grow your network
  • And it’s FUN!

Things that you need to start a blog Site?

There are 4 things which you should know to start a blog:-

  1. First of all, Decide what to blog about ( about Health, Tips & tricks etc)
  2. A domain name  (Your blog site name i.e
  3. A hosting account (where your blog data will be store)
  4. Your full attention for 25-30 minutes.

Yes, You can start a blog site in much less than 30 minutes, and I will tell you the entire process, step by step instructions in an easy and simple Method. 🙂

How to start a Blog to make money – There are 6 main Steps

Step 1:- ( SETUP)

The first mistake newbie makes when beginning a Blog website is selecting the incorrect blogging platform and Webhosting. fortunately, you’re here, thus you won’t be creating that same mistake.

For 90% of users, it wants to use, A selfhosted blog is one that resides on your own server. that’s why it called the self-hosted WordPress platform. Why? Because it’s free to use, you’ll install plugins, Themes, customize your website style, and most significantly you can generate money from your website without any limitation.

Now you have also heard about WordPress is a free Platform.

You might be thinking why is WordPress free? What’s the Matter?

There is no catch. It is free of cost due to the fact you need to do the setup and host it your self.

In other phrases, you have to purchase a site domain name and web hosting

A website or domain name is what folks write to get on your website. It is your website’s location on the internet. Like,,, and

A hosting is where your website stay. It is your website’s location in the internet world. Each and every blog or website needs a web hosting to stay alive.

Generally, a domain price is $15 (Rs.700 INR) Per Year, and web hosting minimum price $5 (approx Rs. 300 INR) Per Month

There are Lots of Web Hosting sites, But I recommend you, Blue Host, Bluehost is one of the best web hosting Sites, started in 1996. They are also the largest brand name when it comes to regards to Wordpress webhosting due to the fact they host hundreds of thousands of websites consisting of our personnel.

NOTE: At TweakerLinks we trust in clarity. If you sign up with Bluehost using our referral links, we will earn few rupees of refer commission at no extra cost to you (in fact, you will save money in web hosting and get a lifetime domain free of cost).

Now you should purchase your site domain and a good web hosting.

Open Bluehost in your browser and follow along.

First of all, you have to click on the Get Started Now Green button to get started.

How to start a wordpress blog to make money

After that, select any one plan as per your requirement (basic plan & plus plan are the most popular plan for blogger).

On the next screen, you have to enter the domain name of your website.

How to start a Blog to make money 2019 - Beginner's Guide 1

In the end, you have to fill your account info and Finalise the package information to complete the Whole process. we will advise you to take the 36 months Plan as a result of that’s the best price.

How to start a wordpress blog to make money

On that page, you may see nonmandatory extras that you simply can buy. It depends on you. however, we usually don’t advise to purchase those.

Once completed, you’ll receive an associate email with the login details of your net hosting site (cPanel). everything you can control from that place like, Emails, Ip blocker, Software support, Php, SQL, email marketing, Admin directory and etc.

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Step 2:- (Install WordPress)

When you open the cPanel, you’ll see lots of things for different-different software and features services. you may be confused, so ignore 90% of services is not useful for you.

Now Scroll down to the page you will see Install Wordpress option, now hit on that option.

How to start a Blog to make money


On the next screen, You’ll be redirected to the Bluehost Quick Install page for WordPress Installation. Now click on the Started button.

After that, you shall be asked to choose your site domain name. Select the site domain from the drop-down icon, After that click on Next button.

How to start a Blog to make money 2019 - Beginner's Guide 2

On the next screen, you will be asked to fill your Site Name, username, and a strong password for your website. You have to tick all the options and then Hit on Install button.

The Wordpress Quick Installation will start installing WordPress. The Bluehost will prompt you to load WordPress themes, Select Any one theme and install.

when the WordPress has finished all installing process, After that you’ll see the success install notifications on the top screen.

Now Click on the Installation Complete on the Top screen, and this will redirect to you the new window with your WordPress Admin login URL and admin password.

Congratulations, your WordPress blog site ready for use.

When you see the Admin login URL it will look like this:-

Click on the WordPress admin login URL to login to your Admin panel.

Now you are ready to personalize your site’s look and start blogging.

Step 3:- (Creating Your First Blog Post)

Now you want to Post your first blog post?, First of all, go to the Dashboard. now hit on the Posts > Add New option on your dashboard panel.

How to start a Blog to make money

After that, You’ll see an Editor area where you have to write your article for your first blog post.How to start a Blog to make money 2019 - Beginner's Guide 3 when you complete writing and editing, Hit on the Publish button on the right-hand side to Publish your first post to the online world.

How to start a Blog to make money


On the writing/Editing screen, you will see lots of other options such as Format, featured image, tags, sharing, and categories. You can use these all feature to personalize your blog posts.

Step 5:- (Plugins & Customizations)

when you publish your first post, no doubt you want to get started with other important components on your blogs such as a Seo tool, contact form, about page, contact page and many more.

To further customize WordPress, and features like contact forms, galleries, sliders revolution, cache cleaner etc, u need to use WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins are that apps which permits you to customize your WordPress blog in amazing ways.

There are more than 50,000 WordPress free plugins available in WordPress directory.


Step 6. (Making Money From Your Blog)

Now that you have created your blog and personalized it to as your mood, you are thinking how can I simply make lots of money from my blog site?

Actually, There are a lot of unique methods to effectively monetize your blog site. But there’s no such scheme as a get wealthy quickly.

when you will put all effort, then surely you get awesome rewards. one thing remembers, there’s no Shortcut method.

Here are few best methods to earn money from your website.

1. Google AdSense

a lot of bloggers make money through displaying commercials Ads on their blog. in case you make a blog with monetization in mind, then Google Adsense is the satisfactory way to do that.

Google Adsense is the world largest ads marketing platform for Publisher and bloggers, which acts as a middleman between Advertisers and customers.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Nowadays affiliate marketing is best-earning method after Adsense monetization. basically, you have to suggest products and goods to your readers. when they will make a purchase any products and services you get referral commisions.

The main features of affiliate marketing are to suggest premium quality goods, services and products that you already use and trust.

We hope that you found our Article on how to start a blog to make Money to be helpful.

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