How to stay safe with online cyber crime in the Internet world

Nowadays the Internet is used all over the world. The internet has made people’s life quite easy. Because of the Internet, people can know the news from every corner of the world in minutes. People from any corner of the world can connect in any other corner in seconds. There are so many things we can do very easily through the internet.

Now the gradual use of the Internet is increasing. In such a situation, problems have also been created in front of people. The biggest problem in using the Internet is security. You want to use the Internet safely but Hackers present throughout the world are busy trying to hack your personal data. In this way how can you avoid these problems and use the Internet safely?

Lock the phone

If you want to be always safe on the Internet, always use the phone lock. Every smartphone has a lock option. Most users keep a lock, but there are still some people who do not use passwords or patterns. You must also keep any type of password or lock in your phone and keep changing it after a few days.
In such a situation, your personal data will be safe even if your smartphone is lost somewhere or in another person’s hand. Apart from this, there is another advantage of locking that you can find your phone from another phone. There are plenty of apps available at the Google Play Store to find lost phones.

Read the details before giving app permission: –

You have often seen that when you download a new app on your phone, that app has many types of permissions for you. In such a situation, users hurry to permit them all permissions. User does not read the details of why the app needs your phone’s permissions in this application, the application asks for the permissions of your phone’s contact list, camera, gallery, and more.

When users give permission, that app can access all of your data which you have given permission for it. In such a case, it is very important that you read a review before applying any app, whether it really needs your data permissions or not.

 Download from Google Play Protect app


You can use Google Play Protect to download any app. If you download an app in your phone via elsewhere or through an ordinary APK file, then it can prove to be very dangerous for your personal data. In this way, you download an app through Google Play Protect. This app keeps scanning in the background.
If you find a worthless or harmful app while finding your app on the internet, Google Play Protector also removes it. So if you use any smartphone from Android or Apple, then download the app via this or through any official secure platform.

Avoid Fake News

In your phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram will also have a lot of fake news. Seeing a lot of users at a glance, all the news seems right and they trust him. For example, you got a link through a Fake News that says “Click this link and earn millions of dollars sitting at home“.

Many people right away click on this type of heading, personal information of your smartphone gets shared somewhere else through that link. For this reason, before you click any link, you should check about the news. The fake news series has increased so much so that no one can recognize any news

 Check Google Account Security

For any user, it is most necessary to have a Google Account. Generally, users do not give their Google Account much importance, so they put a simple password and do not change it for a long time. In this way, all your personal data can be hacked into a pinch, because most of your essential things are connected to a Google Account.
In order to avoid this danger, users should constantly check the security of their Google Account. This will tell you where your password can leak or loop. Because of this, the security checkup of a Google Account is very important that you should continue on continuously. Apart from this, you have made your Google Account password quite strong and continuously changed it.

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