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How to take scrolling ScreenShot in Windows/Computer

Nowadays screenshot became big evidence in the digital world. Somewhere we use this as a piece of evidence, by sharing to make understand people and some time to save any pieces of information. Microsoft Provides a default screenshot tool feature which is quite good. Only we have to hit on PRT SC button and paste into Paint Application and after that, we can edit that image according to our need and save that image in any formats.

However, there is a common problem that everyone faces while they need full or Long screenshots. That’s why I come up with a guide on How to take a scrolling screenshot on Windows/Computer/Laptop. You can take a long screenshot by hitting a single key and save that image in any format. So let go through the article and know How to take a Long screenshot on Windows.

Take a Scrolling Screenshot on Windows 10

There are lots of tools that offer scrolling screenshots in Windows 10 but that is either paid version or have limited features.

But here I am going to provide you some free version tools which I generally used in my windows 10 for taking a long screenshot.

1. PicPick

PicPick is the most popular free tool to make scrolling screenshot images. this is a lightweight, free, and most convenient tool with an inbuilt image editor.

The image editor offers basic features such as cropping and resizing among many other things, including blurring images and adding text and arrows.

How to Use PicPick

  • First of All download Picpick from given Link
  • Once the download gets completed then, Open the software and installed on Windows 10
  • Now when you will launch the App then a screen will prompt to set a hotkey, So you have to click on YES and then click OK on the next screen. if the tools get failed to register a Hotkey then press the cancel button.
  • Now open the page in which you want to take a long or scrolling screenshot on Windows 10.
  • And press CTRL+ALT+PRTSC, and then the PicPick tool screen will popup.picpick-toolbars
  • On the pop-up screen, you will see 8-9 options, which I will explain in details below
  • Now select 6 options where a drop-down arrow is showing and after clicking, it will scroll down the whole page automatically. You can also scroll down manually to reach the end of the page.picpick-toolbars
  • once it will reach the end of the page, then again popup a screen with a full-page screenshot. here you can also edit the image by selecting other tools.picpick-scrolling-screenshot-output
  • After the editing now you can save that screenshot in any formats including PDF format also.
  • Bingo

PicPick other Tools:

Fullscreen: You can capture the whole screen of the window by using the fullscreen tool.

Active Window: It is the same as a fullscreen capture tool.

Capture Region: In the capture region, you can select the specific area which you want to capture.

Free Hand: Here you can capture any image in any shape with the help of freehand capture.

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2. ShareX

ShareX is open-source software that also offers scrolling screenshot features on Windows 10. it is also a free tool that offers a great combination of the image capturing and editing experience.

How to use ShareX?

  • First of all download the ShareX installer file from the given link
  • Launch the ShareX Apps after installation
  • After that, a screen will prompt and ask you to register a Hotkey. If it gets failed to register a Hotkey then another popup will show and you have to choose other Hotkeys.sharex-hotkeys
  • On the left side, you will get lots of options, but here you have to click on the first option “Capture“. and a sub-menu will open and here you have to select Scrolling capture. ShareX will provide a capture area demarcated by dotted lines.capture-scrolling-screenshot
  • Click on the capture to open more options
  • A window will open, click Select window or control to scroll. ShareX will now select the entire web-page by default.
  • Now hit on Start capturestart-capturing
  • After that, it will scroll the entire page and then an output window will appear.
  • In the Output window, click the Upload/save depending on after capture settings buttonsave
  • In the ShareX window, note the path where the screenshot is saved.

ShareX other tools:

Text Capture OCR: this allows you to capture only fonts of the windows pages.

Auto capture: Here you can set a time, and after that, it will automatically capture the screenshot.

Capture Scrolling screenshots on Browser

Some User only required to capture the entire Webpage. So for this purpose, you can use some Add-on your browser to take a scrolling screenshot.

Chrome: Full Page ScreenCapture

It very uses full Addon for google chrome to capture a long web page screenshot. After activating Full page Screen capture extension you will get these options:full-screenshort

  1. Download the image
  2. View the ‘raw’ version
  3. Delete the image.

A History of screenshot also kept for tracking your all past screenshot capture.


Firefox: Page Screenshot

In the case of Firefox, Page Screenshot is worth a shot. It allows for the adjustment of the screenshot quality, the delay between multiple screenshots, and the image output format.

Once you take a screenshot, it’s immediately made available for download.

Final Thought

The full screenshot is more useful than short, you can also report technical issues of the software to make to understand their developer exactly what issue you are facing right now.

I hope this article will help you to resolve your problems and make your day.

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