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10 Internet Tricks which make your work Easy, That You Don’t Know!

The Internet is the only platform in today, where we can find information about every small thing. We are always in touch with our friends, relatives, and classmates through social media platform. Our life without internet is incomplete today. This makes our many difficulties easy. Nor do we need the help of someone else. Here I am going to tell you basic 10 Internet tricks and tips which will help you make the Best use of the internet in Today era.

As we know technology progressing at a very rapid speed, we get information from the internet to all types of information. We have smartphones and laptops to use the Internet. If you want information about anything, we just go to Google Baba and find answers to your every question easily. Now Let us tell you about the Best use of the Internet while further enhancing your knowledge. This is very basic tricks by which you can take advantage of the internet during work.

10 Internet Tricks which make your work Easy and That You Don’t Know!


How to reopen the last closed tab?

If you want to open your last tab again, you will need to right-click AND select the “Reopen last closed tabs” option. However, you can also open your last closed tab by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + T.

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How to find the reverse image?

To find the reverse photo you have to right-click on the photo and select “Search Google for this image” option. Which will look a bit boring. For this, you can search reverse photos by “S + right-clicking” on the image.

How to add .com to the address bar?

Now the days have gone when the user had to type the full web pages URL to visit any website. To put a .com in any address bar, you need to press “CTRL + ENTER” to enter .com in the URL bar. This trick will save your time in typing

How to open a link in a new tab?

For this, users have to always right-click on open a new link by going to “Open Link In A New Tab“. Whereas its an easy way. For this, you have to open the link by pressing ‘CTRL’.

How to open Incognito mode in chrome?

We use incognito mode to hide our privacy from an unknown person. If you are using the public internet then you need to hide your all searching history. You can simply open this from right side 3 dots of chrome setting – New incognito window. Also, you can use shortcuts to open this. Just Press CTRL + Shift + N

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How To Open Notepad Browser

You can also use your web browser as a notepad. All you have to do is copy and paste the code into your URL bar. Here’s the code:


Find out which font is used in the photo

If you need to know which font was used in a photo then just save the photo on your Desktop or laptop and then go to WhatTheFont website. Upload the photo there. Here you will get information about the font used.

Convert scanned photos to text

If you want to scan some documents and convert to text, just go to the website Free-OCR or Online OCR, which will help you convert the text from any photo or document.

Check if a website is secure or not

If you want to download some files or Find any information from a website. But you have no trust on that site, then you can scan that website. you have to just enter this URL in your address bar:

With this help, you will know whether this site is safe or not. or You can just simply go on where you will find an option to scan URL.

How to delete cache files

If you want to clear the browser’s cache files, just press CTRL + SHIFT + R and This will surely clear the cache of opened web pages.

How to find the Direct download link of mp3

Many of us do the same for searching and downloading songs from different sites. However, you can reduce the need for additional searches with the help of a simple Giant Google Dork trick.

intitle:index.of?mp3 Enter Songs name Here

You can download your song directly on your computer by using this dork trick.

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So, these are the basic 10 internet tricks and tips which will help you make the best use of the internet. These tricks can also save your precious time. If you know any other tricks then you can leave a comment in the comment box.

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