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5 Amazing Ios Emulator For Android Hacks [2022]

Every Android smartphone user wishes to have the iPhone and wants to look at the premium content. But they can barely afford the Android smartphone and buying the iPhone stays at their wishlist for years.

But the matter is for all those people who want to have the iPhone and want to feel and show off the premium look.

No! I’m not starting to giveaway the iPhone here…

But today here I’m going to show how you guys can get an iPhone app on the Android phone. The magic is also easy, have The Best ios emulator for Android.

In fact, I used those ios emulator apps which help me to install iPhone apps on my android phone.

But from which apps?

I ll you show…

Let’s dive right in…

These are the Ios Emulator For Android that I have used…


You can install your favorite Apple apps and games in Cider and run them easily and for free on your iOS app. You can run any number of apps or games and have no restrictions.

You can run iOS apps easily and for free on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac.

Almost any app can be installed with Cider on your Android phone, and we have tested our apps on Android devices.

We also have 50 must-have apps for Android, and we’ve run our iPhone app on a number of different devices, including the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6s.


  • You don’t need to purchase an iPhone.
  • It’s totally free to download
  • No in-app purchase
  • ads-free
  • It supports android versions above android 2.3
  • User, Interference totally look like of ios
  • Cider doesn’t make your device slow
  • Virus Free installation
  • Privacy free app

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2. IEMU Emulator

Best Ios emulator for android

The application can be downloaded as an app on iOS and Android smartphones as well as on Windows PC, Mac, and Linux computers and tablets.

It is also known as the Padoid and is perfect for those who want to feel virtual, with a great and amazing iOS experience. The emulator is a very well tested app that will not harm your Android device.

It’s supported on all Android phones, it’s very easy to use and it comes with a lot of great features like its supports all Android and iOS apps, as well as a bunch of new features.

This fantastic tool is completely free and also saves all data from the game as soon as you close the app. With this app, you experience the same graphics as with an iOS application, but there is no loss of quality on your Android phone.

To use this application, you must first download the apk file from your PC and then transfer it to your Android device.

Now go to the settings of your Android device, tap the downloaded file and enable the installation of apps from unknown sources. You can now turn it on and install the downloaded file or enable or disable the installation from an unknown source.


  • All ios application works perfectly with the help of iemu ios emulator
  • This application comes with a friendly user interference
  • It is not an iPhone but it will give you a taste of an iPhone
  • Easy Installation and it only take 4 MB of space in your device
  • The iemu app Totally free
  • Work perfectly with the bug-free app

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3. All In One IoS Emulator

One of the offerings for the iOS emulator is Siri, but it’s not the last (or not the last) application for Android. A member of XDA and a developer have released a new version of Siri for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

You read that right, you have Siri built into the emulator, and it’s the same Siri you get on your expensive iPhone (forget it).

You can use the emulator to run iOS applications and games on Android, but you can also use it to download paid apps for free. The emulator for Android is pretty average, it’s not the best But it’s decent, and it can be used for both iOS application and game on iOS and Android.

It also has an iOS music app, and you also get a Camera in the emulator, but the features offered are just amazing.

You can simply navigate through the categories and search for the application you want, click on the Download button and it will start automatically. It is a cool emulator for Android, as it offers a lot of additional features that are helpful, such as the ability to download apps from the Google Play Store, as well as access to the App Store.


  • Comes with a built-In Siri in the emulator
  • iOS music app
  • Comes with cool camera preinstalled in the emulator
  • You download apps from the app store and google play store simultaneously
  • You can run games on this emulator

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4.  Appetize

Best Ios Emulator for android

With Appetize you can run native mobile apps in the browser but for new markets on an iOS emulator for Android.

With this app, you can use your desired app for free on iOS and Android, but regular users need to get to know the features. This tool has all the necessary features and fits well into our list, so it is a great choice for new users.

The only thing that brings this app to the 3rd position is freemium, which means that you can use it to a certain extent.

To test their apps, you don’t need to have a rooted  Android device, but the operating system itself does.


  • You can run native mobile apps in the browser
  • Get free iOs and Android apps on the go
  • It’s free of cost
  • Ads-free experience
  • Root free installations

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Best Ios emulator for android

Iosemus is the best ios emulator for android in this list.

You can search for any application and game, just tap on the download button and it will start in a few seconds.

The application is categorized as iosemus, and you can categorize it by the number of users, the number of downloads, or the type of application.

You can set the theme of your choice, and also have a customizable theme that makes it very easy and straightforward.

The user interface of iosemus makes it easy for your children to control the application. You can also run the app properly without needing a jailbreak, and you can even run it from the command line.

This feature adds more stars to the app, and you can also download paid apps and games for free or download them from the App Store or Google Play Store for Android and iOS.


  • Easy installation of IOs and android apps
  • Fast and smooth
  • Customizable theme
  • Root free installations

These were the best ios emulator for android.

Let me know which one you are going to try first in the comment section below and also check out Xbox One Emulator for PC article.


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