There is a good news for some selected smartphones users of Xiaomi that the company has announced the release of the latest MiUI 10 for some of its smartphones. Xiaomi has released its latest user interface for some old smartphones including the Redmi Note 4, Redmi 4A and Redmi 3s/prime. Let you know that Xiaomi informed about the release of MIUI 10 for his 28 devices last month.

This latest MIUI interface has been released by the company under the third phase for 8 smartphones. Prior to this, the company had released the MIUI 10 Global Beta 8.7.5 update for some more smartphones, so that these smartphones sound quality will be improved through Bluetooth LDAC support and Bluetooth. Xiaomi introduced MIUI 10 in China this year in May.

The new driving mode has been given in MIUI 10, which helps control the smartphone in the car with the help of Xiaomi’s Virtual Assistant, so that users can safely travel to their location, as well as they can reply to any messege without touching smartphone

This latest update has been released for Redmi 3S, Redmi 4A, Redmi Note 4, Redmi Note 4X, Redmi 4 (all editions), Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3 Pro and Mi 4. Let’s say that this latest user interface of Xiaomi is coming with many new special features, from which the interface will now be with full-screen hand gestures and improvised recent menu option. At the same time, Recent Apps will now appear in a card-like format for which the company says that it will make it easier for users to switch between different apps. Users will be able to delete the app with the help of only one swipe or complete other actions from the long press.

Apart from this, there will also be many AI-based (Artificial Intelligence-based) features in the user interface. Although most of these features will only work in the background, one of the major changes that will be seen in the old smartphones will also be the convenience of Boke mode. This means that when old smartphones of Xiaomi will get an update of MIUI 10, then they will support the Boke mode, even if it has not been given double camera lens. Apart from this, the time of app load will be reduced as per AI features and user interfaces will be optimized according to the user’s daily smartphone usage.

Apart from this, there will now be a Smart Home Manager, for which the company claims that its unified interface will allow all the smart devices in the house to be controlled. Xiaomi says that this interface will be with the support of around 590 brands. Apart from this, the new driving mode has been given in MIUI 10, which helps control the smartphone in the car with the help of the Virtual Assistant of Xiaomi, so that users can safely travel to their location, they can also reply to messages without touching the phone.

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