There is bad news for prepaid customers who enjoy free incoming calls on their mobile number. If you are one of those customers, then you have to recharge your number with minimum balance every month. If you do not do this then the incoming call will also be closed with your outgoing number. It is very important to know this news, especially for Airtel, Vodafone and Idea customers.

Today I got Same message from Airtel, that they are blocking my Incoming and outgoing calls from 26 November 2018, Now you have to do recharge every months min of Rs 35

First of all, we got the information from the UP’s Airtel user Bhanuman Dwivedi. Bhanuman said that despite the balance, the facility of the outgoing call has been discontinued at the number of his Airtel number. After this, he even recharged two different amounts even though he was unable to make the call.

The customer did not get the information from the company

When Bhanuman spoke to customer care for its complaint, it was told that the recharge of 35 rupees would have to be recharged. Outgoing service will be activated only after recharging. In the meantime, due to non-outgoing calls, Airtel users had to face many difficulties. Bhanuman says that earlier this new rule regarding was not received from the Airtel company.

We have contacted Airtel to investigate this claim of Airtel User Carnation. After which it was discovered that the company has secretly implemented a new policy for minimizing recharge. Media reports have revealed that Airtel, as well as Vodafone and Idea, are also included.

This is the new rule

Airtel executive Nayab told us that customers who were enjoying free incoming calls for more than a month, keeping zero balance or some balance for any plan, they now have to recharge at least Rs 35 per month every month. The recharge of 35 rupees will get 26 rupees balance and its validity will be of 28 days.

On the question of closure of outgoing and incoming calls, the executive said that the customers who do not have minimum recharge every month. The outgoing service will stop at 30 days of completion and the incoming call will also be stopped after 15 days. Which means the customer will get a total of 45 days till the incoming call is closed. To prevent the service from being interrupted, the customer will have to either take any plan of the company or minimum recharge every month.

So the companies are taking up these steps

Vodafone and Idea customers with Airtel will also have to recharge similarly. Actually, companies were forced to take this step because many customers do not recharge with mobile connections and only receive incoming calls. Now such calls will be made only after the recharge every month.

Another reason is that it is believed that because of Reliance Jio, there is a burden on the network of other operators. In fact, when Jio users call the number of Airtel or Vodafone, the load on the network of Airtel or Vodafone is also loaded. So these telecom companies are coming with a minimum recharge plan.

Customer are porting their number on BSNL 

With this move of Airtel Vodafone and Idea, many users are slowly porting their number to BSNL. Because BSNL has not yet increased its recharge rates and BSNL gets 6 months validity in the minimum recharge of 36 rupees.

Poor people will be forced to recharge

There are many customers in India whose income is very low and they use their numbers to receive incoming calls only by giving a missed call. Such customers will now have to either port the number in the other operator, where there is cheaper recharge, or every month, 35 Rupees of their earnings will be filled in the pockets of companies.

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