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How to prevent such third party apps from scanning their Gmail inbox

Do you have a Gmail account? If so, it is likely that your Gmail inbox messages are being read by employees of a third-party app. The search engine company Google, which provides e-mail, does not allow its employees to read emails from any Gmail user. But third-party app developers can read your emails. This has been revealed recently by the report of the Wall Street Journal.

Data may be leaked even after having a Gmail Account password

Even if you are comfortable with locking your Gmail account with a strong password, your account can still be accessed. This is what Google himself has considered through his blog. Let us tell you that the use of Gmail is used by college students and different users in the world from Android users. People also use Gmail for making an account on social media and internet banking services. In such a case, if your third-party app or software staff reads secret information from your email, then it could increase the risk of data theft.

Google says in such a case that this is possible, but it depends on Gmail users whether or not they allow access to any third party app or software. The company says that if Gmail users want to know from the Security Checkup page, what apps do access to your Gmail. If you do not trust those apps or software, you can remove it. You can learn by following these easy steps below to see what other information you have shared with your Gmail account.

step 1– First, after logging in to Gmail account, you will need to visit Google’s Security Checkup page. On this page, after you search the keyword “security checkup” in Google, you can go to the Security Checkup – Google Account, which is currently visible. Or you can reach the page directly by typing this link- in the URL or by clicking on this link. On this page, your devices will get information about which device you have recently logged in with a Google Account. Also on this page, it will also be revealed that you have forgotten after allowing third-party apps to access your Gmail security checkup

Step 2– On the page, you will see four options, of which you will have to click on the third-party access at the bottom. After clicking, when you scroll down, a list of all the apps that are accessing in your Google or Gmail account will be visible. With these apps, it has been mentioned that what they access in Google or Gmail account

You can also get this information by clicking on the “i” icon in the circular circle appearing next to the app.Gmail inbox

Step 3– If you do not rely on any of these apps or software, you can remove them by clicking Remove Access. As I can see above that Gaana Music wants to know my age and language, I do not mind it, so for this, I will not click on Remove Access.

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