After seeing Mahindra tractor in PUBG, the chairman asked, “What is PUBG?

Have you heard about the PUBG Mobile game? If you are a game lover then you must have heard of this game and if you are not, then you have heard the name somewhere. We are saying this because the popularity of this game has become more. This game of South Korea PUBG Mobile, whose full name is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This game has brake all records in all over the world.

Mahindra Tractor in PUBG Mobile

The mobile version of this Pubg mobile game has become quite popular especially in many countries around the world. If any update comes about this game, then it becomes a big news in the gaming world. In India too, this game has made Game Lovers to crazy. Now there is an awkward news about this game.

You will be surprised to know how this game fame in India. A famous PUBG streamer of this game, ‘chocoTaco’ saw Mahindra’s tractor while streaming PUBG in YouTube, since then the game has begun to make headlines in India too.

Let us tell you that both the Erangle and Miramar Maps, which are included in this game, here is a Mahindra’s 256 D1 tractors can be seen. During the gameplay, this tractor of Mahindra appears in the road between Pochinki and Ruins in the Erangle map. Many times you will see a tractor of Mahindra playing in this game.

Mahindra chairman asked, what is PUBG?

Behind the Mahindra tractor that appears in this game is written Horn Ok Please. The interesting thing is that when Mahindra & Mahindra’s executive chairman came to know about Mahindra tractor in this game, he was shocked. He wrote a tweet that, “Well I always keep the knowledge of the news going on in the world. But what is PUBG?” After that, he wrote in his tweet that, “Though I am happy that there is a tractor of Mahindra, what does this tractor do in this …?

However, being an Indian, we should be frank about the Indian brand in the world’s most popular game and it is in touch with India. Due to this product of India involved in the PUBG Mobile game, this game can be of great benefit and is being done. Its spread in the large population of India can prove to be beneficial for PUBG only.

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