Some new changes can be seen soon in Whatsapp, this feature might not like everyone. Actually, the company is going to present advertisements in WhatsApp status until next year. According to another report, it is being said that the company will soon introduce a picture-in-picture mode for its Android users. Not only this, the company can also offer some new features for Whatsapp Business.

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, Facebook is finally considering monetizing Whatsapp as part of its company’s advertising system. These advertisements will appear on the app as if we look at Instagram. At the same time, it has been reported in this report that the company could probably save the copy of the messages as decrypted which are being exchanged.

Whatsapp Business App

Apart from this, the company is going to introduce some special features soon for the Whatsapp Business app. In fact, the company has introduced a new API which will be mandatory for the reply to the customer queries within 24 hours. Under this, if the companies will reply to the customers after a certain time, they will have to pay per message. Along with this, a new update will allow the company to sand the shipping information etc to the customers.

Under this, users will probably get the click-to-chat button on Facebook or website so that any message to that business company can be made. Not only that, many companies will also be able to provide real-time support to Whatsapp so that they can respond to users’  or other product questions-problems.

About this, the company wrote in its blog post that “With this, there will be a complete control of the users on the received messages. Business companies have to pay to send messages so that the messages will remain limited to them and the users will not be credited with useless messages. At the same time, these messages will be end-to-end encrypted and if users want, they can also block any business through a tap on a button. “

Finally talks about another new feature Whatsapp picture-in-picture mode, it is being said that the company is currently working on presenting a picture-in-picture mode. This feature is actually seen on the beta version of Android, while it is already available on iOS.

According to the WABetaInfo report, users will be able to view YouTube and Instagram videos in the app using this new feature. Which means that users will also be able to do things like chat navigation while watching videos.

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