Whatsapp has become an important part of social networking. If you ever paid attention, Whatsapp has never promoted or marketed its application, despite this, it is the fifth such application which is downloaded most.WhatsApp has made so much progress in such a short time, that today any company Did not do. In more than 100 million active users in one month of this app and no advertisements are shown, which makes it easier to use.

The beginning of WhatsApp

Brian Acton and Jan Koum both started the Whatsapp application in 2009, both of them had worked together in the first yahoo. After leaving the job, both Brian Acton and Jan Koum went out on the trip and both of them applied for the Facebook job, which Facebook rejected.

In January 2009, Jan Koum bought an iPhone, and after some time it realized that the usage of the application would be greatly increased in the coming days, then the Jan Koum considered making an application that would better communicate with the mobile users and their friends Help to connect with family and business contacts


Jan Koum coordinating with Brian Acton, he managed to associate five colleagues from Yahoo. then with the help of his Russian friend Alex Fishman he found a Russian developer, named Igor Solo Manichov, after that he made an application, Jan Koum Named the application WhatsApp above the word “what’s up” which was used daily basis.

This was a big start for WhatsApp, however, troubled by many failures, the Jan Koum thought that the application could not run and should abandon the idea of making it, but Brian encouraged the Jan Koum and asked to try again, so  after that Jan Koum started working on this application again and made some changes in the application such that when an application user changes his status then that user And each contact will receive notification about it.

After this, in October 2009, Brian invested $ 250,000 in it and officially joined it. As of February 2013, Whats App was used by 200 million people, and at that time there were only 50 employees working in Whats App, soon after, this app was purchased by Facebook in $ 19 billion and it was the biggest deal in the world at that time. According to the company’s blog, Whats app logs more than 100 million voice calls daily.

It seems that this logo was designed by Jan Koum and Brian Acton at the beginning of the development and launch of the Whatsapp app. Of course, the design of the logo could be outsourced to a third designer.

Whatsapp logo design element and its popularitywhatsapp logo

Whats app works as both a quick message and an audio/video call, and two different elements have been used to design Whats App. These are the first text bubble and the second telephone. Even today, every text message received is displayed in the text bubble. The received messages contain “tail” while pointing to the left side of the text bubble, while sent messages have the right one of the text bubble.

WhatsApp logo meaning

By incorporating a text bubble with the tail on the left side of your logo, WhatsApp set is able to tell that it is a messaging app. The designer of the WhatsApp logo has placed a telephone within the text bubble.

An interesting thing is that Whats App is an app that was designed for the latest mobile phone, if you look carefully at the app’s logo then there is an old, landline phone on the inside. As opposed to a smartphone which has hundreds of functions, the only purpose of landline phones is to call. In the Whatsapp logo, the landline phone communicates the function of the app more effectively.

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