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Windows 10 RS6 v1909 2020 All Editions in One (x86/x64) ISO

Windows 10 RS6 v1909 (Redstone 6) Build 18364:

Windows 10 Rs6 v1909, 8in1 en-US May 2018 Build 17134 April, 2020 latest Update [Escrow RTM] AIO (All in One) x86/x64 ISO.

Hey, Windows Insiders! these days, we are going to release Windows 10 RS4 insider Preview v1804 to Windows Insiders preview in the quick ring. Hence It is just similar to Build 17134. Furthermore, you’ll notice that the windows activation watermark on the bottom right-hand side of the system has not shown in Build 17134.

Windows 10 Rs4 v1804 is currently available for free download on Our site. and the most recent version brings some unique functions and features, bug fixes, and different enhancements, although its available for download only for inbuilt windows updater.

However here on our site, you’ll download the most recent build’s iso. They fixed All Problems facing in certain devices with BitLocker enabled unexpectedly booting into BitLocker recovery in recent 10 rs4 v1804

In the new version finally, developer fixed an issue displaying in not having the ability to change the display resolution when there were four or a lot of monitors connected, as a result of the confirmation prompt hanging when you choose to Keep changes. They also fixed a problem where clicking recommended search terms while writing within the Microsoft Edge-Url search bar, and did not do any work.

they also add the search feature in Calendar for Windows 10 Rs4 v1804! currently, you can assist Present, future or past events by Searching out that event name, location, folks involved or sentence in the event body. if you type the right word in the search bar then you will surely find that event, while people who don’t might be greyed-out so you can discover what you want quickly.

Cortana Show Me, New voice AI:

In Windows 10 RS4 v1804, an Intelligent app that can show you all your desirable queries like settings, customizations. windows 10 v1804 comes with few updates to do – now you are able to launch the app by the voice commands. also say to Cortana voice search, “ How to change windows background, please show me” and you will get the past assist results, with a brand new Let’s go options below, that launches the recommended help 10 rs4 v1804

It is similar to last week update which is available in English (the united states & German) and in Britain, and there are fifteen settings guides. whereas most windows do not need pointers feature like this, it is for all the buddies and family we’ve who want a pointer.

Note: If you are using keyboard navigation along with your system, then you’ll need to use ALT + Tab to go from Settings to Cortana Show me.

Here are some voice queries which you should try:

  • Windows Update: say to Cortona, “Update my Windows device”
  • How to Bluetooth devices discover: say, “Show me how to discover devices”
  • just Check Windows version: say, “How do I find my current version of Windows”
  • Check if an app is installed: say, “How to see what apps are installed”
  • How to Uninstall a software: say “How to uninstall apps”
  • How to Turn off Windows Defender Security: just say, “Show me how to shut down
  • Windows Defender Security Center.
  • How to Change windows background: say, “Show me how to modify my background”
  • How to Use Airplane Mode in Windows 10: say, “How do I activate airplane mode”
  • Change your display brightness: say, “Show me how to modification my screen brightness”
  • Add nearby printers or scanners: say, “How to add a printer”
  • Change Wi-Fi settings: say, “Show me how to modification Wi-Fi network”
  • How to Change power settings: say, “How to change settings when my laptop goes to sleep”

Features of Windows 10 Rs4 v1804 :

  • Now you’ll see an icon indicating as much within the status column of the Processes tab.
  • They Fixed a problem leading to the UAC dialog potentially. thus which is not rendering properly in the last few flights.
  • Fixed a problem leading to OneNote crashing, when using the bit to pull and drop components in recent flights.
  • Fixed a problem leading to the touch keyboard crashing when the main focus was moved to certain password fields.
  • It will enhance the voice of Bluetooth mice when the load will increase on the system.
  • Fixed a problem leading to the Amharic keyboard not working in Win32 apps.

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Known Problems:

  • Therefore, In case you open settings and clicking on any hyperlinks to the Microsoft store or links in hints as a result settings will crash. also, this includes the links to get Themes and fonts from the Microsoft Store as well as the hyperlink to windows defender.
  • If you try to open a report this is to be had on-line-best from one drive that hasn’t been formerly downloaded to your computer (marked with a green checkmark in document explorer), and your pc should malicious program test.
  • In addition, you can work around this problem through proper-clicking on these documents and choose “always maintain on this device. any report-on-demand from one drive that is already downloaded to the pc must open.
  • New Keyboard emoji shortcuts features are not working. so you will need to use the touch keyboard to write emoji. if you will Right-click on at the taskbar you discover an option to show the touch keyboard options and move from there.

What’s Included in Windows 10 RS4 :

  1. Windows 10 Pro v1804

2. Windows 10 Pro N v1804

3. Windows 10 v1804

4. Windows 10 N v1804

5. Windows 10 Education Retail v1804

6. Windows 10 S v1804

7. Windows 10 S N v1804

8. Windows 10 Single Language v1804

9. Windows 10 Enterprise v1804

10. Windows 10 Enterprise N v1804

Steps to download and install Windows 10 RS4 v1804 into System:

  1. First of all, You have to download the Windows 10 iso file.
  2. On the next page, you will see the download link.
  3. Here are Two types of File 32Bit and 64bit.
  4. Download any one file as your pc or laptop requirement.
  5. After downloading complete use Rufus USB Bootable Maker and create bootable USB.
  6. If you don’t know, how to make Bootable? please do the google.
  7. Now install windows on any System and 10 rs4 v1804

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Note: If link is not working then leave a comment. I will update Asap.

Downloads Windows 10 RS6 v1909 (x64 and 86)

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